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you will answer one of the following questions, analyzing at least two quotation

you will answer one of the following questions, analyzing at least two quotations from Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go to support your point, and showing passages, highlighting words, and explaining how the text makes meaning as you analyze them in your video. 
You will also analyze one quotation or point from a scholarly journal article under Modules on Canvas or that you select on your own.
A sample screencast is located here.
It may help to pair passages that address different facets of a concept or show the progression of a theme. Remember to draw conclusions and begin by stating them. You can also include typed passages or images or media as you explain your points. Get creative!  
Early in the novel, Kathy H. points out that “[c]arers aren’t machines.”  Why do you think she states this so early in the novel, as she reflects on her life? What does it reflect about her role and the roles of her friends in the novel? How does it relate to at least one other text that we read?
How does the idea of home function in this novel and how is it similar to or different from at least one other text we read?
More than once, Kathy H. refers to “where you were” when addressing her audience. Who is her audience and how does it affect how she tells the story?
Why do you think the students’ art was collected and their creativity encouraged?
Is it ethical to raise children so that their organs can be used for others? What do you think the novel’s stance is on this question.
Never Let Me Go is science fiction, though its setting differs from what we encountered in “The Machine Stops.” Why do you think the author made this choice? Is it effective? What would you change if you could?
Remember to cite all sources you consult, including a works cited page in your video. This list should include sources and links for images or media you include.
I will be making a video of myself using your information provided so please make it simple and easy to read. Make on google slides. 
I will attach all links and attachments for you to use. Please don’t use outside information.
I will find the “never let me go” novel for you to use and will attach it below. 

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