Write one (1) short essay in response to one of the prompts listed on the follow

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Write one (1) short essay in response to one of the prompts listed on the following
• Answer the prompt in 800 – 1200 words
• Avoid anecdotal examples, long summaries or excessive quotations.
• Cite evidence from the course readings
o Citations should clearly state page numbers from the American Yawp,
the lecture date as listed on the rubric, or the author of the primary
source document.
• Refer to at least two (2) primary source documents assigned this semester.
• Use only course material: Lectures, Linked Videos, American Yawp, and
Assigned Primary Source readings. No Outside Sources!
Please use the following guidelines when formatting and completing the assignment:
• Heading with Name & Course Information (suggested format provided on Canvas)
• Size 11 or 12, Times New Roman or similar Font. Double Space the entire
• Structure your essay with clearly organized paragraphs. Suggested Outline:
• Write a brief, 3-4 sentence introduction including a 1-2 sentence thesis
§ The thesis statement should clearly answer the main question(s) in
the prompt. This is the argument that you will support with your
§ The prompts each contain multiple questions or points to cover so,
integrate your responses into your thesis statement.
• Write clearly delineated body paragraphs with concise sentences that
explain specific historical examples that support your thesis.
§ Start each paragraph with an argument or claim that reiterates a
portion of the thesis.
§ Provide plenty of specific historical evidence from the class material.
• Evidence means specific historical examples of things that
happened or things that people said or did in the past to
support your argument.
• MLA, Chicago, in-text, footnotes, etc ALL ACCEPTABLE
• Be consistent: Choose one style and stick with it.
• No Bibliography needed.
• At minimum, follow the examples below (note absent or limited use of quotations):
o For the American Yawp: The early English colonists would not have survived
without help from the English. Even the English themselves admitted that
their priorities were wrong and would lead to disaster. John Smith described
the colonists at Jamestown as so unwilling to work that they starved to death
(Locke & Wright, 42).
o For Lecture Material: England imposed strict measures against Irish Catholics
that resulted in many of Ireland’s people losing their lands (Meraz Cerna,
o For Primary Documents: The English often entered into treaties of mutual
protection with the native Americans. For example, the Iroquois tribe agreed
to a “covenant chain” with the English settlers of Pennsylvania, to guard
against aggression by the French (Canassatego)

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