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write me a 1000+ essay, that is descriptive and narrative at highshcool level. M

write me a 1000+ essay, that is descriptive and narrative at highshcool level. Make it 9 long paragraphs for the character named Duke Thomas aka The Signal. The first 3 paragraphs should be about the mission. The next 3 paragraphs should be about what he is doing to help he is playing support role for right now. The last 3 paragraphs should be about him helping the titans by playing an attack role.
1st 3 paragraphs: Duke would be in the bat cave getting in his suit, as he heard forms he bat computer that it was a critical mission going down in Gotham. Duke would instantly jump onto his motorcycle as he rides through Gotham. Duke knew he could travel faster when it came to the darkness but he didn’t want to waste no stamina for this mission. Duke would drive along the rocky and busted roads of Gotham, as he would be talking to oracle asking her “ Are there any civilians or casualties amongst the area. “ oracle said yes as she gave him the exact location duke would rev faster as he told oracle “ On it”. As he revved he told oracle, to “ send backup for them to get the threats there as I save the civilians and get them to safety “. Duke rode his way there and made his entrance, as he pulled up to the area, duke shifted gears on his motorcycle as skirted down to the road, he jumped of the bike arieling in the air as he grapples onto the ledge.
2nd part 3 paragraphs: Duke would get onto the vantage point. This was a high enough spot for duke to scan the area and look for the civilians. Duke with his photokinesis he used this as a way to scan for life. And his his microscopic vision he can see the people down below in the alleyway, a group of adults and children in danger. Debris would start to crack and soon crush the civilians below. The civilians would be screaming, and the screams echoes throughout duke ears. Duke immediately jumped down the building as he threw his Eskrima Stick onto the building which carved into the buildings wall and help him slow his slide down. This helped him get in a very close and easy shot of quarters with the debris that was going to fall below. He dropped down low enough, and seeing the darkness that was around him, duke manipulated this darkness, he commanded this darkness to shape into a wall that was in mid-air, which blocked the chunk of debris that fell down. He then commanded it again to wrap around like the debris was in the palm of the hand of this darkness. Duke then threw the debris into the water. Duke then commanded the darkness in the alleyway again, as he created another hand like contract which was big enough to fit all the civilians into the palm, he then safely and calmly placed them blocks away just to keep them safe. He then ran to the main area.
3rd part: last 3 paragraphs: Duke would be in the middle area of the enemies that were there. Duke would look around and scan the area he seen bank robbers, thief, and the drug dealer. But these people were just like him, they had powers. These powers that they had were extraordinary but wasn’t enough to beat duke. The Bank robber that was there had the power of Teleportation, The thief has the power to go invisible, and the drug dealer had the power to manipulate poison. Duke Thomas knew that these opponents were strong, and probably were skilled with their powers. Duke Thomas told them ‘ let the fun begin” those words set the battle in motion the bank robber would instantly teleport in front of duke Thomas, the bank robber would then kick duke, but duke would block the kick, as he wraps his Eskrima Stick around his leg he would flip him using the stick and then punch him, this punch was covered in darkness which amplify the hit. Duke Thomas then told oracle “ analyze the targets “ she replied ‘ analyzing “, Duke then smirked as the analyzing was in progress, but in order to for it to go, he needed a full body view of the targets. Duke then watched as the thief went invisible but this wouldn’t work, as duke jumped back he looked at the ground, because he knew even invisible there is still a mark that can be spotted. With his microscopic vision Duke looked at the ground, watching tiny debris be crushed and moved all in one path. Duke outsmarted the thief already. Duke jumped back again into the light that the street pole casted. Duke then use this light and amplified it to blind the thief that was coming towards him. If the thief was so worried about his vision he wouldn’t be able to think about going invisible. As he intensified the light it blinded the man, and he was now shown to the human eye. Duke left him there, as he went onto the drug dealer who had the power of poison. The poison, he had dripped and smoked from the body of the man. Duke told oracle “ analyze this poison as well “ duke then grappled onto to the top of the lamp post as he now has a clear vision of each target. Oracle said “ full analyzation complete” Duke smiled, as he launched himself down to the ground towards the drug dealer. Duke , then slide on the ground and kicked the ankles of the man, duke then lunged up and wrapped his legs around the man as he pulled himself backwards slamming the man onto the ground. But duke didn’t release the man had touched him. This touched caused the poison to spread across his body. Duke started to groan in pain, as he dashes away from the drug dealer. Duke knew that this poison was going to spread quickly. He wrapped his Eskrima stick around his arm to trap the poison only in one spot of his arm so it doesn’t spread. Duke then watched as the teleporter, teleported right in front of him. Duke didn’t even see this coming, the telporter roundhouse kicked duke and duke fell back. Then the one that goes invisible snuck up on duke as he was getting punched on. Duke was injured but this certain predicament only helped him. Duke watched as the one with poison powers walked up to him as he was ready to touch duke again, duke slowly breathed in and out remembering the lessons that batman had taught him. Duke then open his eyes in rage as he intensified the light from his bat symbol, to flash them. Duke then went invibsle as he flipped up, he headbutted one that goes invisible, knocking him down. He then turned to the teleported as jab him in his throat, he then followed up with a high kick and then landed an uppercut on the back and this knocked him down as well. Duke charged towards the one with poison, as he rushed as he took his Eskrima stick and threw it at the man, and the stick hooked into his flesh of his shoulder, Duke then yanked him towards him as he jumped in the air and landed his leg onto the neck of the man and then slamming him into the ground knocking him out. Duke was now tired from this poison, he manipulated the darkness there to bring them all to each other and sit them up, he wrapped his stick around them as he kept them their till the cops come. Duke told oracle “ send my big and auto ride, im injured with the poison “ oracle replied “ yes sir “ and duke also added “ and tell Alfred to make his way down, its urgent “ oracle did exactly what duke said and duke had now saved Gotham and civilians once again. The end . Be descriptive, unique, realistic, and be detailed. Make everything long as well.

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