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Write an essay following the Assignment Brief it should be 2000 words. With acad

Write an essay following the Assignment Brief it should be 2000 words. With academic reference and intext citation to back up claims and support the evidence. Use Harvard Referencing way Follow the learning outcomes which are give below . For this essay focus of heart disease and diabetes as two significant health needs amongst adults target population 30-55 in Walsall West midlands UK.
Here are learning outcomes.
Learning Outcomes:
LO1: Identify potential stages of human growth and development.
LO2: Examine evidence that supports health promotion, protection, and improvement during the lifespan.
LO3: Identify a range of health care needs of an individual.
LO4: Explain how health might be promoted and protected within a life stage.
The Assessment brief:
Within this assessment you are required to explore the life span continuum as part of human development, referring to the life course approach and how health promotion and health protection can be achieved through early intervention at the different life stages. Consider how wider determinants might impact health.
Next, referring to evidence identify TWO significance health need which impacts on a chosen life stage. Explore how the need may influence their health (physical/psychological/social) in the present and in the future years of life. (What is the impact?) Finally, referring to ONE of the needs impacting your chosen life stage, identify a health promotion opportunity /initiative which is locally delivered. Using health promotion theory to explain how the initiative promotes, protects health, and improves future outcomes of your individual in your chosen life stage.
Assessment Guidance.
2000 words
Introduction (Approx. 100 words)
I brief introduction, inform the reader the purpose of your work and provide a brief overview, taking into consideration the module learning outcome.
Points required to achieve the module learning outcomes.
Exploration of the life span as part of the human development referring to: (LOI & LO2)
• The life course approach.
How health can be promoted and protected through early intervention (the purpose/role of early
• Consider how health might be influenced by wider determinants.
Explore two health needs which impact a specific target population? (LO3)
• Provide evidence of the need for the specific target population (data/fingertips/JSNA/local policy)
What is the impact of the need-consider the physical/psychological/social/financial impact.
• What are the needs short/long term impact on the target population.
Health promotion: (LO4)
Choose one of your needs.
• Identify a health promotion opportunity/initiative which is being delivered locally within the west midlands.
• The initiative must be focused on your target population.
Refer to health promotion theory/evidence to explain how the initiative addresses your chosen need.
How may the initiative improve future outcomes for your target population.
Conclusion (100 words)
Provide a summing up of what you have explored in your main body of work. You should not introduce any new theory here.

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