Write 12 pages with APA style on The effectiveness of public managers. The chief executives and legislatures have several powers over the

Write 12 pages with APA style on The effectiveness of public
managers. The chief executives and legislatures have several powers
over the agencies. These powers involve the fact that they have the
power to respond to the democratic institution. They achieve this
by creating the equilibrium between the laws while recognizing the
democratic needs of the citizens. They have the authority to hold
public forums in which the citizens can openly share the problems
affecting them. In such forums, the citizens are allowed to give
their suggestions, and it is upon the administrators to act on them
or to ignore them on the basis of the laws. The public
administrators are required to implement the laws and act as an
example to the citizens. In order to embrace responsive
administration, it is the duty of the public administrators to
ensure that they create a suitable environment. This enables them
to come up with suitable power structures, organizational design,
and the laying of suitable strategies that will strengthen the need
for democratic standards within and without the organization.
Public administrators have the power to acknowledge the
organizational structure and come up with ways that will guarantee
an independent society.
It is a requirement for the public administrators to be
accountable for their respective duties, but they have the powers
to ignore the requirements of the society and their
representatives. Good governance is achieved when the public
administrators are able to visualize and properly interpret the
interests of the citizens and ensure that the issues are timely

Guide on how to write a proper thesis statement with examples

A thesis statement is an important part of any essay or research paper, as it serves as the main argument of the paper. Here is a guide on how to write a proper thesis statement, with examples:
1. Understand the purpose of a thesis statement: A thesis statement should be one sentence that expresses the main idea and argument of the essay or research paper. It should also be debatable and clear.
2. Brainstorm potential topics: Generate several potential topics for your paper. Make sure to choose a topic that you can effectively argue for or against.
3. Create a thesis statement: Write a thesis statement based on your topic and focus. Make sure that the thesis statement is clear and directly addresses the topic.
• The increasing use of technology in education has improved the quality of teaching and learning.
• The death penalty is a cruel and unusual form of punishment and should be abolished in the United States.
• The rise of online streaming services has caused an increase in subscription-based services and a decrease in bootleg streaming.





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