What is mastery content?

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11252Meditate on Psalm 139: 13–18. This Scripture clearly teaches that you have been uniquely created by God. Think about today’s students that are served by the traditional school system. Using this Scripture as your background, and considering information studied over the past weeks (Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the architecture of creating schools that work, exploring traditional and charter schools, standardization of curriculum, etc.), you will be assigned to argue either in support or against the pre-determined topic:

What is mastery of content? Is it important, and can the traditional model of education achieve it?

As you form your thoughts for your side of the debate, closely consider the uniqueness of each learner in the classroom. Consider components of an educational system that minimize the uniqueness and individuality of learners. Use the assigned textbook, the Bible readings, presentations, and any approved websites to connect scriptural teaching to your studies. Your thread must demonstrate evidence of a scholarly approach and thoughtful analysis.

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