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Week 5 Assignment This assignment is aligned with CO-3. PROMPT: In our Learning

Week 5 Assignment
This assignment is aligned with CO-3.
In our Learning Materials you have read about legal issues and ethical concerns relating to the use of various types of AI in business. Research current AI news for an item published no earlier than during the past year  that reports and illustrates a current –or forecasts a future– example of an ethical or legal issue pertaining to the use or function of AI in business. This could be an event that has occurred, litigation, legislation, regulation, or other issue.
This must be an explanatory article with some analysis, not simply a “news blurb.” This will be your “keynote article” for this Assignment.
Using your keynote article as your basis for your topic of this Assignment, complete all of the following:
Research and writing – APA7 Paper
Research the legal or ethical issue identified in your keynote article, including other or related examples illustrating the issue with the use of AI.
When you have gathered your research, write an APA Style 7th Edition paper that:
summarizes the specific event or problem reported in the keynote article including: the type of AI involved, subfield, its use, the specific company involved (if there is one) and/or other stakeholders
identifies the legal or ethical issue with the use of this specific AI 
includes descriptive examples of the issue in the application of the AI
explains the risk to business posed by the issue
identifies who was (is), or could be, harmed 
recommends whether or how the issue can be prevented or mitigated, and how; or whether the AI application should be used at all because of the issue
Prepare APA7 paper  – 1000 to 1200 words (excluding title and references list) – NO ABSTRACT 
APA 7th Ed. Style. See APA Help submodule in Classroom Content/Overview & Introduction and template guide attached
Include an introduction & conclusion
Use appropriate subheadings
Reference sources – 5 credible* sources, of which 1 is your keynote article, in a separate References list
All sources on the References list must be cited appropriately in the paper’s text as in-text citations
See Grading Rubric.
*How Do I Know if a Source is Credible?
There is 1 submission for this Assignment
Please submit your paper as a WORD file; do not copy & paste text in the Assignment box. 
Submit your work by 11:59 pm ET on the assigned due date.
Resources & Supports
Office 365: You have free access as an APUS student. Sign in with your MyCampus Email credentials.
Submitting and Confirming a Submission: Watch this 3-minute video if you need guidance on submitting your assignment here. 
APA Help in Classroom Content Module
Grading Rubric
Word APA form template is attached for guidance

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This assignment is aligned with CO-3.
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