UOM The Flat World Educational Inequality and America Future Essay

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Your assignment is to write a series of critically-reflective micro summaries take-aways:
Choose two chapters from among the first four chapters covered from the course text: The World is
Flat, identifying and explaining your interpretation of the main message which Dr. Hammond
worked to convey, which demonstrates your understanding of the intent of the author’s message
for each chapter that you have chosen to critically review.

Word count minimum – 200 for each chapter.

A good summary accurately describes the main point(s) and supportive points of the
chapter. In order to be accurate and concise the writer must be thoroughly familiar with
the original work. Work on engaging in rationalized interpreted discussion which
evidences your informed understanding of what the author is conveying to you regarding
based upon which is framed by the title of the chapter. (The same guidance applies if you
reading an article or another kind of document).

? Read and “survey read” (a broad sweeping skim reading technique) chapter as many
times as necessary to gain a full understanding of it.
? No first-person statements allowed. Opinions are not needed here.
For example, Avoid this: “I thought the partabout radioactivity was really
? Refer to author by last name.
? Always use present tense to discuss the chapter and facts from the chapter.
? Use direct quotes or paraphrase examples to support claims.

Overall statement of assessment criteria – Cogent, Coherent, and Critically Thoughtful, comprehensive
responses, which demonstrates your understanding into the nature of the main message conveyed of
each chapter conveyed (meant) by the author. (Critical means analytical treatment)

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Use clear and concise language, avoiding unnecessary jargon or complex sentence structures.
Edit and proofread your essay carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
Take breaks and come back to your essay with fresh eyes to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything.

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UOM The Flat World Educational Inequality and America Future Essay

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