UCI Black Films Ethnic Notions & Classified X Racial Distinction Analysis Discussion

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Before you start answer the question, please watch the Movie Ethnic Notions 1987 (Marlon Riggs, 57 min) and Classified X, 1998 (Mark Daniels, 53 min) First. Then, Please read <Colonialism,Racism and Representation> p2-p16 and <Leonard screens fade to black> p1-p22. Thank you!

In order to demonstrate your knowledge of course materials and your ability to make connections between the readings, lectures, and film screenings, you will answer three prompted questions that ask you to synthesize the course materials from the week (or to connect one week’s course materials to another week’s course materials). For more details on what is expected, and recommendations for a strong write-up, please see bullet point list below.

Written clearly, proofread, organized in a clear and effective way (no more than 300 words per question)
Addresses the questions directly and completely (especially, if there are multiple parts to the question)
Demonstrates (even highlights) knowledge of the course materials, especially by constructing answers with examples that connect readings, lectures, and films
Integrates quotations from textbook, readings, lecture videos, or films (needs to be cited correctly, MLA style (Links to an external site.), and appropriately—not too much quotation, addressed in your own words after citing)
Demonstrates deep analytical and critical thinking (through a cultural studies lens)
Attentive to the political and historical context of the period, film, filmmaker, movement, etc. being written about
When appropriate, develops a strong argument that is proven through well-chosen evidence that is vividly described in your answer
Question 1: Compare the two documentaries we watched this week. What did they both share, and where did they differ? What did Classified X bring to the history of Black images in Hollywood that Ethnic Notions left out? What did Ethnic Notions offer that Classified X didn’t? You do not need to be exhaustive in your answer (cannot exceed 300 words), so it is recommended to pick two or three points to argue and to support your arguments with specific examples.
Question 2: So far this week, you have been introduced to multiple models for analyzing Black Cinema (or any cinema for that matter). Choose two models of analysis (or two strategies, concepts, approaches, or even questions) and compare them. Make sure to explain what the models are, why they are significant, and bring in examples when possible.

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