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To prepare for this Discussion: Review the article “Therapeutic Responses of Psy

To prepare for this Discussion:
Review the article “Therapeutic Responses of Psychopathic Sexual Offenders: Treatment Attrition, Therapeutic Change, and Long-Term Recidivism” in this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the efficacy of different treatment approaches for sex offenders.
Identify a specific treatment approach for treating one group of sex offenders that is of particular interest to you.
Conduct an academic search in the Walden Library and select at least one scholarly article from a peer-reviewed journal that discusses the treatment approach you selected. Ensure that the treatment demonstrates efficacy in the treatment of your selected offender group.
Think about the unique characteristics of the sex offender group you selected and reflect on considerations related to their treatment.
Consider the challenges you might encounter when using the specific treatment approach with your selected group of sex offenders. Reflect on how you would address these challenges.
Review the course document, Treatment Outcome Models provided in the introduction area to this week’s discussion.
Think about how the success of the treatment approach could be evaluated with each treatment outcome model.
Select one treatment outcome model that you think would be most effective for measuring the success of the treatment approach and consider why.
a brief description of the research article you selected. Include the type of sex offender and treatment approach. Then explain which treatment outcome model you would use to measure program success and why.
Olver, M. E., & Wong, S. C. P. (2009). Therapeutic responses of psychopathic sexual offenders: Treatment attrition, therapeutic change, and long-term recidivism.Links to an external site. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 77(2), 328–336.

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Review the article “Therapeutic Responses of Psy appeared first on essaynook.com.

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