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Title: The Power of Literature and the Importance of Critical Thinking in Fahrenheit 451

After reading Fahrenheit 451, please answer the five multiple-choice questions and then answer the two essay prompts. Use examples to support your ideas with MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
Here are the essay prompts:
1. Bradbury’s vision of a dystopian future resonates with contemporary concerns about information control and the role of literature in shaping our understanding of the world. What are some examples of how you can see this today? Please use at least one resource (article, journal, blog, etc.) to support your ideas in MLA format and give a quote as an example from that resource.
2. “The character of Guy Montag undergoes a significant transformation in ‘Fahrenheit 451.’ Trace his journey from a fireman who burns books to a rebel who seeks to preserve knowledge and individuality. How does his character development reflect the broader themes of the novel? What can we learn about the importance of critical thinking and intellectual freedom from Montag’s experiences?”
Please write at least three paragraphs for both prompts. And answer these 5 questions.
Question 1
What is Guy Montag’s main responsibility as a fireman?
Group of answer choices
To teach people about books
To burn books
To help people
To start fires
Question 2
What is the general mission of the fire department in the novel?
Group of answer choices
To get cats out of trees
To put out fires
To destroy books
To educate people about books
Question 3
What aspect of Montag’s job enthralls him?
Group of answer choices
The excitement of the chase
The power he feels when he destroys books
The satisfaction of knowing he is doing his job
The opportunity to meet new people
Question 4
What does Montag’s society most loathe?
Group of answer choices
Question 5
Which members of society are sent to asylums if caught?
Group of answer choices
People who are different
People who read books
People who are too intelligent
People who like cats

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