Timeline of Cinema

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Please respond to the two Timeline of Cinema episodes and at least two of the following short films, excerpts and written materials you reviewed this week. Links for all of these are found in the “Week 1 Learning Resources” accordion folder in Week One Content. You are particularly encouraged to view the Ministry of Film’s A Timeline of World Cinema episodes over the first four weeks of class to gain better understanding of both the thematic and the chronological development of film and its history, and its engagement in history in general:

– “Introduction,” Ministry of Cinema’s A Timeline of World Cinema, short video

– “Pre-Classical Cinema,” Ministry of Cinema’s A Timeline of World Cinema, episode 1, short video

“The History of the Discovery of Cinema, web resource

“An Introduction to Early Cinema, web resource

“The Kinetescope”, web resource

Cinema of the United States: 1879-1894: The First American Movies–Experimental Silent Shorts, short video

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