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This week, you continue your assessment of the organization you selected in Week

This week, you continue your assessment of the organization you selected in Week 1 (STARBUCKS) when you prepare a report on leadership styles for the leadership team. The journey to successful organizational change can be long and requires you to demonstrate your innovative leadership skills as a manager to support sustainable change. Helping your leadership team recognize that what they’ve always done will not get them where they want to go, and that means a rigorous assessment of the leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change.
Assessment Deliverable
Write a 700- to 1,050-word leadership styles report, including the following:
Restate the needed change within the organization you have been working on throughout this course, based on your Week 1 and Week 2 assessments. (WEEK 1 AND 2 Attached)
Examine the various leadership styles you explored in Week 3 in the context of the organizational culture and proposed change. Explain the styles you considered and any supporting rationale for why you considered them.
Justify which leadership style or approach you recommend to best support the organizational change by doing the following:
Explain how this style will support sustainable organizational success.
Explain how this style integrates the organization’s mission and vision.
Explain how this style will increase value for stakeholders.
Format any citations and references according to APA guidelines.
Please see rubric 1 and 2 for grading evaluation for assignment. 
Week 1 – Organizational Change Chart
Week 2 – Organizational Culture Presentation
Feedback on Week 2 Given –
Organizational Culture: you mention inclusion and diversity are opportunities. However, I don’t see the specific change you are proposing. What are you developing the change management plan for and how will that help equity?
Change Management Plan: Each of the Kotter’s steps needs not only explained but sharing specific examples of your plan that will solve the culture issue for each of the specific Kotter’s steps is expected 
Desire Outcomes: These should all be measurable and indicators if your change management plan is working. What do you need to measure to know if your change implemented is working?
Week 3 – Leadership Theories 

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