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This paper requires a critical analysis of a case study. The purpose of the assi

This paper requires a critical analysis of a case study. The purpose of the assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to think about different theoretical orientations from a clinician’s perspective and to notice which theoretical approaches you gravitate towards as an individual. It is also an opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge of a specific therapy paradigm to an actual case. 
Based on information you have learned from the lectures, discussions, videos and readings, choose a therapeutic approach (of those we have covered in class so far) and provide your formulation of the client’s presenting problems from the perspective of this approach. Using information from the case study, you will also be asked to consider how you would treat the client (e.g., possible interventions/therapeutic techniques, client strengths, potential treatment obstacles). 
You will be assessed on the quality and thoughtfulness of integrating the theory and the clinical case material. The term paper should conform to the following format: APA style, 12-point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Term papers should be a maximum of 6 pages, with an additional page for references.
Format of Paper
Part 1 (2 pages) Formulation of the client’s presenting issues/personality within a chosen theoretical orientation.
Choose one of the theoretical approaches we have discussed in class (psychodynamic, client-centred, emotion-focused, gestalt, cognitive behavioural- please ask me if there is a different approach you would like to take). From that orientation formulate/explain the client’s experiences and struggles within that framework. Consider what psychological wellness/lack of wellness is from that framework and how the client’s circumstances might be understood.  
Part 2 (4 pages) Treatment Considerations.
Big Question- How would you approach the treatment of this client? 
Questions to Cover in your response:
What theoretical approach would you use to treat this client?
Why would you use that approach based on yourself as a therapist and the clinical material? 
Are there any particular techniques/processes you might focus on in treatment (this might be from your primary orientation or may also be more integrative)?
What do you anticipate might be important to this client in therapy?
What would you consider/think about before meeting the client? 
How would you approach the first session given your orientation and the client?
Are there challenging issues you anticipate coming up in therapy with this client? How would you address this from your orientation?
What might be the client’s strengths?
What might be areas of anticipated growth for the client?  
Do you have goals for this client? If so, describe them and why they might be important. 
can talk about  Client-Centred Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy / Emotion-Focused Therapy,  Behavioural Therapy / Cognitive Therapy/ Third Wave Therapies

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