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This paper has already been written by me and I just want to improve it accordin

This paper has already been written by me and I just want to improve it according to the journal feedback. here is the feedback
Thank you for submitting your manuscript, entitled  “OCEAN TRAITS: Who is the best Sustainable Entrepreneur?” to Organization & Environment (O&E).  As you may have seen on the journal’s webpage, its scholarly domain is management, organizations, and environmental sustainability.
In terms of subject area, your paper could be appropriate. However, we will not be sending it out for review.  Let me explain why I have come to this decision.
The theory construction is straightforward, but likely similar to many pre-existing studies.  So, it will be important to identify the clear contribution of your study.  There is a very significant literature on personality and entrepreneurship, much of it published in core management journals.  However, you don’t draw much from this literature.  Your theory also frequently reads more like a literature review.
There is no mention of common method variance, which could be an important source of bias in a study such as this.
I don’t understand the use of 0.5 for hypothesis acceptance.  0.05 is a recognized threshhold, which you seem to meet, as shown in Tabl IV.  As well, there would seem to be a number of variables that could be entered as controls in your model.
It is also the case that a lot of your argument and even some operationalization relies on articles published in journals that do not adhere to best practices in the management field.  In the case of the Abdelwahed (2022) scale, it is unclear why you did not use earlier scales, published in core journals, that have stood the test of time.
I am sorry to bring you difficult news!  But I am afraid I do not believe that your paper, at present, represents a level of development that would receive a positive reception from our reviewers. 
We sincerely hope that this decision does not discourage you for future submissions to O&E.  O&E recognizes that advancing the capabilities of managing all types of organizations to achieve and maintain long-term quality of life values is an increasingly urgent and relevant societal goal and we want to host your best papers focusing on these aims.

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