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This is a research Proposal for a research paper that will consist of an in-dept

This is a research Proposal for a research paper that will consist of an in-depth analysis of a critical current issue in health care. This issue should be applicable to your industry, employer, or position. The research proposal must include all of the elements specified below.
What I have started:
The research paper will explore the critical issue of telemedicine in
urology, focusing on its effectiveness, patient outcomes, accessibility, and
challenges in implementation within the broader context of technological
advancements in healthcare.
Research Benefits
This topic is of personal and professional interest due to my role as a
urology healthcare administrator. The rapid adoption of telemedicine presents
both opportunities and challenges that directly impact the delivery of
urological care. Understanding these dynamics can help optimize telehealth
services, improve patient satisfaction, and ensure better clinical outcomes.
For my career, this research provides insights that can be leveraged to enhance
telehealth strategies and policies within my organization.
Telemedicine has revolutionized urological care by increasing
accessibility and efficiency, but it also presents challenges that must be
addressed to ensure high-quality patient outcomes and equitable access.
Provide the broad topic for your research paper. This topic must be a healthcare topic of current importance.
Research Benefits
Why are you interested in this topic? What benefit does it have for your job, your career, and/or your employer?
Your thesis answers a relevant question, but is not the question itself; it is the answer to the question. Generally, the best thesis statements answer a “how” or “why” question.
Intended Audience
Describe your intended audience.
Approach to the Subject
With your intended audience in mind, describe the logical, orderly sequence that you will use to develop your paper so that it transitions appropriately from thesis to body to conclusion.
Types of Sources
State the types of sources that you will use for your paper and describe why these sources are the best ones for producing an exceptional paper.
References (tentative)
Provide at least ten relevant, scholarly resources that you might ultimately use in your paper.
Your proposal should be properly formatted according to APA (6e) style guidelines.
Include a properly-formatted title page that contains the proposed title of your research paper, your name, course name and number, instructor’s name, and date of submission.
Your proposal should contain no more than two pages of content (does not include title page or list of references).
Your references should be included on a separate page and properly formatted according to APA (6e) style guidelines.

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