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This is a Qualitative Research Article Critique Paper on the qualitative article

This is a Qualitative Research Article Critique Paper on the qualitative article “A qualitative study of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease” based on my topic of interest of “Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation in the elderly”.
This article has to be critiqued with a minimum of 5 peer reviewed references including the live links. 
Meets  course objectives 1-5:
Describe four ways that data may be collected in a qualitative study.
Describe strategies used by qualitative researchers to increase credibility and transferability of their findings.
Critically appraise the data collection, analysis, and interpretation of qualitative studies.
Identify research topics, problems, and purposes in published quantitative, qualitative, and outcomes studies.
Discuss how the chosen qualitative study could impact the chosen Topic of Interest. 
Maximum page limit for the body of the paper: 4 pages excluding title page and references.
1) Title Page WITHOUT Running head
2) Introduction paragraph and thesis statement telling the reader the purpose of the paper and what will be discussed in the paper
3) Study Purpose/Problem, Literature Review, and Study Framework- 1) Identify and Discuss the research problem, 2) Summarize and Synthesize the review of literature, 3) Identify and Discuss the study framework or philosophical orientation used to support the research or lack of a framework.
4) Methodology- 1) Identify the qualitative approach used to answer the research question, 2) Discuss if this type of research methodology/design was appropriate for this study. 
5) Data Collection and Analysis- 1) Discuss the composition of the study population and sampling methods utilized 2) Describe the tools and methods used to collect information and identify the variables being measured in the study, 3) Describe the procedures for collecting and processing the data from the study
5) Results, Discussion, Study Conclusions – Discuss the researcher’s interpretation of the findings and the key findings noted from the data (Do not draw any conclusions about the data in this section, only discuss the findings), 1) Discuss the implications of the results related to the study’s purpose, 2) Detail any limitations or biases noted during the study, 3) Summarize the findings of the study, 4) Discuss the recommendations and potential future research needed related to the study’s topic 
8) Conclusion (of the paper)- Summarize the essential content of the paper in one paragraph- no new information should be introduced in the conclusion
9) Reference Page- You should have a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references. All references should be current within 5 years of publication of today’s date. Your textbook for the course is always a good resource. 
Deductions: For this assignment, points may be deducted for an overall lack of scholarship to include:
APA errors
Grammatical errors
Incorrect spelling
Over the page limit
Document not named appropriately, etc.
You can only use a direct quotation from resources a maximum of once during the entire paper.
I have submitted files with the assignment ruberic and the article to be critiqued.

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