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This assignment is a continuation of Assignment 6-2. In addition to laypeople un

This assignment is a continuation of Assignment 6-2. In addition to laypeople understanding the history of the Old Testament (OT), the purpose of this timeline is to help them understand the coherent story of the OT theologically. Studying the Wisdom and Prophetic Books of the Old Testament helps reflect on the theological progression of the major people, places, and events. Take your historical timeline of the OT you submitted last week and add brief paragraph descriptions on the theological development of the OT. Do not create a whole new document, just add this to 6-2.

Choose exactly two (2) themes to trace throughout the entire OT. Some good themes are:

  • covenant (and faithfulness to it),
  • kingdom and kingship,
  • land,
  • messiah, and
  • the expansion of sin.

Each theme must be traced through at least twenty (20) points on your historical timeline from across the entire OT narrative/story. Theme 1 should be linked to 20 points, and theme 2 should be linked to another 20 points for a total of 40. Each of those 40 should have a short paragraph. In other words, you are interpreting these major points theologically to show how each theme progresses throughout the OT. A best practice is to number or highlight each of the two themes in different colors. Make sure they are clearly identified.

  1. Using your submission for A6-2, rename the file to: Assignment 7-1 OT Timeline – Part 2: Theology.
  2. Then save it.
  3. Use the same tool (from A6-2) for this assignment adding the theological layer.

Please be as creative as possible. For example, you can use different fonts, colors, or icons with a key (Put the key at the top of the timeline) to help your readers see the theological progression of your themes separate from the historical information. The completion of both parts of the timeline will greatly help you in writing your synthesis paper in the final week. Using your work on the Israelite History Worksheet, you will now complete the beautiful tapestry of the Old Testament (OT) story. Think of this assignment as an opportunity to create an illustrative, artistic timeline representing the entire OT narrative or storyline. Creative means including illustrations, pictures, maps, videos, quizes or other creative and interactive items. You should be able to use your creative timeline in a ministry setting, such as a Bible study, small group, Sunday School lesson, etc. The purpose of the timeline is to help laypeople understand the coherent story of the OT.

You will create an annotated timeline that traces:
Key People
Specific Places
Significant Events from the OT
You must have between 55-65 people, places, and events in order to trace the entire story of the OT. Each point on your timeline must include dates , brief titles, one to two (1-2) sentence descriptions, biblical references, and the source used. Refer to Spencer: “Major Events in Israelite History” from Week 2 and other outside resources to acquire the best dates possible.
Be sure to leave room for the addition of 40 theological theme sections in Assignment 7-1.
Please be as creative as possible. Superior grades will be awarded to clear and visually aesthetic submissions. Check out the following links for a place to start creating an aesthetic timeline: The favorite tool and most used by students is Sutori.
SutoriLinks to an external site. (Free: click on the Try Sutori now button to get started and/or see the examples; this is highly recommended for this project)
Microsoft PowerPoint
If using Sutori, just copy the link for your presentation into the Canvas assignment 6-2. That is the easiest way to view it.

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