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This assignment has you take a short passage of scripture and practice a certain

This assignment has you take a short passage of scripture and practice a certain way of reading it. By printing it out and making notes all over it, we train our brain to slow down and process the words differently, making connections we might miss if our eyes scanned over the paragraphs for content. Then you will write a paragraph about what the exercise helped you to notice. To complete this assignment, you will need to do the following things:
Download or print this prepared copy of Mark 9:14-29 Download this prepared copy of Mark 9:14-29, or to create your own, copy and paste the verses from the New International Version (NIV) translation hereLinks to an external site., remove the verse numbers and triple-space the lines.
Liberally annotate the passage. Mark it up however you like. Underline, circle, draw arrows, highlight or Use different colors of your choice. Make note of the following recommendations:
Circle repeated words or phrases.
Underline significant verbs.
Identify contrasts. Use the space in the margin to jot a brief description, e.g. “fear vs. faith”
Make note of questions or phrases that stand out to you.
Figures of speech. Identify expressions that convey an image, using words in a sense other than the normal literal sense.
Dialogue. Note if the text includes dialogue. Identify who is speaking and to whom.
Write an analysis paragraph (200 words) at the bottom, and provide 1-2 insights that you have gained. Summarize your findings from the annotation exercise. Be careful to only draw conclusions that are revealed in this passage. It is tempting to read into the passage conclusions we have previously made about who Jesus is and what the story means, especially if we are Christians and know the Bible stories. But strive to draw out conclusions that are “close to the text,” meaning your insights are not anything more or less than what can be discerned from this close reading of the passage. Therefore, your findings should be factual observations and close insights of meaning. This is not the place to “preach,” write a devotional, or read into the passage theology that is found elsewhere. Consider what you notice that you might have missed in a cursory reading of the passage. 
Save, scan or take a picture of your annotated page and upload it to this assignment.

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