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The population being focused on are pregnant black  (African American ) and brow

The population being focused on are pregnant black  (African American ) and brown 
(Hispanic, Latino etc)  women mortality rate In the United States apart of low economic 
status and what things can be medically done medication, lifestyle, etc to help  lower 
these mortality rates amongst 
them. Please include credible references that must be cited and accessible  for me to get 
to and are dated within the last 5 years. Thank you.
This Is the outline: 
For this assignment, students will create an action plan and presentation for an at-risk 
patient population and propose evidence-based intervention(s) for the identified 
population. The paper should be a minimum of 1000- 1200 words in length, not including 
the title and reference pages. Additionally, students will present the information to the 
class or clinical partner(s).
Assignment Details:
Perform the following tasks:
Conduct a literature review and identify an at-risk patient population for non-compliance and develop an action plan.
Write an engaging and informative paper that would be helpful for someone in the discipline wanting to learn about the identified at-risk patient population for non-compliance and proposed action plan  
Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font; 1-inch margins; double-spaced.
Consists of 1000 to 1200 words in length
Citation and references are to follow the APA manual format
References should be no more than 5 years old
Wikipedia (or similar sites) is not to be used as a reference
Taber’s and/or other medical dictionaries or encyclopedias are not to be used as references.
Use the following as a checklist for the scholarly paper:
Include the following elements:
Title page (APA formatted title page).
Background knowledge-brief summary of current knowledge on the at-risk population for non-compliance.
Geographical location of community
Cultural makeup
Average education level
Income/poverty level
Unemployment rate
Teen pregnancy rate
Insurance concerns
Transportation issues
Other socioeconomic barriers
Main illnesses/health concerns
Challenges imposed in practice
Intext citation present and appropriate
Action Plan
Develop an action plan to improve medication access/ compliance/ adherence/ monitoring for the at-risk population, while addressing the barriers present.  (For example: the at-risk population is composed of a very low socioeconomic group, and the main health concern is hypertension and cardiac-related issues.  What could you propose that would improve the access and adherence to hypertensive medications?)  The action plan must include:
The issue your plan will address
Resources needed
Stakeholders involved
The details of the plan
How this plan will reduce barriers to effective medication access/ compliance/ adherence/ monitoring in this patient population
How you will evaluate the plan
Literature searches for the topic on the web and in databases are limited to peer-reviewed professional nursing and medical journals, texts, and writings (no older than 5 years).
Uses literature to support claims, facts, and statistics.
Intext Citation present and appropriate.
Prepare presentation for in class discussion
Presentations can use any format, as long as the presentation is organized, thorough and engaging.
The aim of the presentation is not only to inform the audience about the community and its concerns, but to convince the audience of the benefit of your proposed action plan.
Class members and/or clinical partner(s) will evaluate presentations based on:
Aesthetic appeal of the presentation
Clarity and thoroughness of the concerns of the community and proposed plan
Relevance of the plan to address community concerns and confidence in its ability to achieve its goals
Ability of presenter to answer questions asked by class
Proofread and edit the paper carefully, following the assignment rubric.
Use the plagiarism tool to check the summary against unintended plagiarism.
Spell check the paper and submit via Canvas.

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