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The “Organization” and your “Job/Role” (current or past) that will serve as the focus for the assignment.Organization Name: IBM India (From 2019-2020)Job Role : Technical Support Associate (We need to mention the roles)

For this first reflection, you will need to focus on one specific organization that you have worked for (i.e., currently or in the past) and one specific job/role that you held within that organization. You will need to explain this experience through an HRM lens using specific concepts and terms from Weeks 1, 2 and 3 of this course. In your reflection, you will provide a description of the business strategy, culture (organizational and national), recruitment and selection processes, training and development approach and recommendations for how strategic HRM could be improved in the future. These recommendations should be based on your critical analysis using course concepts. This means you will need to use your knowledge of course concepts related to HRM in order to identify strengths and weaknesses related to the HRM approaches at this organization.

In this 800–1000-word paper, you need to:

  1. Describe the following:
  2. The “Organization” and your “Job/Role” (current or past) that will serve as the focus for the assignment.
    Organization Name: IBM India (From 2019-2020)
    Job Role : Technical Support Associate (We need to mention the roles) (I can work on first part) please work on b c d and part 2
  3. The organizational and national cultures at this “Organization” (Chapter 11). (Reference need to be taken from book ) (What culture do they follow, in the national talk about which their national culture in India). Also, do citation from the book
  4. Your experience with the recruitment and selection processes for this “Job/Role” (Chapter 5). (take reference from the book chapter is mentioned (Also need to talk about the recruitment process of IBM for the post of Technical support associate India as per my experience which is mentioned below
  5. How I got hired was through campus placement then we had a group discussion, an online assessment test and last I did the telephonic interview (which with HR it was named a technical round)
  6. Any relevant training and development provided to you by this “Organization” (Chapter 10). Use this link to answer this question and use the book as well to relate things
  7. Critically analyze the practices from (1) and create two (2) specific recommendations for how HRM could be more effective at this “Organization”.
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