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The national and international environment in which businesses operate constantl

The national and international environment in which businesses operate constantly
changes, the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted this. Each organisation
needs to keep an eye this movement as well as the possibility of new competitors
entering the marketplace.
Primark, the retail clothing chain, do not currently sell their products online and there
have been questions raised as to why this has not happened as well as reasons
provided by the organisation. There have been significant advances in online
shopping in recent years with consumers moving away from the high street. A trial at
the company has now been agreed and items in one department will be made
available to buy online.
You currently work for the organisation within one of the following departments;
womenswear, menswear or childrenswear. You need to create a sales proposal
stating why your department (choose one) should be chosen for the trial, the items
to be focused upon and identify which country you wish to trial this in and why.
Your proposal will need to include, but not limited to, the following;
• Careful consideration of the target market including consumer behaviour and
country analysis.
• Sales techniques to be used and why
• Critical competitor analysis within the current market and the need to
• Motivating techniques for the sales workforce
Total marks for this section – (60 Marks)
The organisation though, has set out some terms and conditions. You should
prepare a section at the end of the sales proposal to negotiate with the company
providing authentic and valid justifications within your negotiations which should be
backed up with scholarly based evidence.
The terms and conditions are:
• All sales profits will be kept by the organisation and not reinvested.
• If the trial is successful, then directors and managers will gain a 10% bonus
and the sales workforce will get a letter of thanks.
• Overtime will not be given. Workers will be expected to deal with orders
before the end of their shift otherwise disciplinary action will be taken
• The current workforce/salesforce will deal with the trial, no new staff will be
• The logistics company to be used to fulfil any orders received will be a small
local organisation.

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