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The Individual report provides you with the opportunity to examine your own orga

The Individual report provides you with the opportunity to examine your own organisation in depth to understand how to enhance strategic value. The
design of the module has sought to provide a sequence and use of tools that enable you to develop the individual report. However you have discretion to
create a structure that best fits the arguments you put forth.
The key areas of content that need to be covered are:
• Introduction on the role of business in society – arguments and debates on capitalism, the grand challenges on humanity, regenerative business
models, and how business value and social impact could / should be inter-related to serve stakeholders (including shareowners).
• Context of your organisation with regard to enhancing all value – i.e. enhancing all the 6 capitals of the business – you could draw on your essay
here as a summary of your reflective insights from the GD audit. There would be an expectation in this section to give emphasis to the role of
leadership in enhancing all the capitals
• Key areas of attention that would enhance value – remember the systemic nature of how capitals connect to enhance value. The role of (pro-social)
purpose associated with strategic value enhancement would be made explicit here.
• Argument then aligned how to create value enhancement – you might use the house model here providing explanation about how the various
aspects systemically align together.
• Discussion on the need to measure value realisation in a balanced and systemic manner.
• Reflective conclusion that draws together your thinking about business and value and the possibilities / realities of realising responsible leadership
The above structure / content is to guide, but not restrict. We want you to draw on your learning from the module to express and argue your perspective
through your own organisation as a case study. We do expect you to integrate your reading from the module and additional readings that the module is
connected with (but not recycling readings from previous modules). The below standard rubric will be used and will rely on the above guidance as this is not
a traditional research essay  
High Distinction – Score criteria
Critical understanding of
topic (45%)
Excellent understanding and
exposition of relevant issues;
insightful and well informed,
clear evidence of
independent thought; good
awareness of nuances and
complexities; appropriate
use of theory  
Structure of Research
Substantial evidence of well
implemented independent
and / or
Substantial evidence of well
selected evidence to support
Excellent use of literature to
support argument /points (5%)
Excellent; clear implications
for theory and/or practice (20%)  
Language Excellent; a delight to read   -(5%) 
Structure and presentation
Arguments clearly structured
and logically developed;
sensible weighting of parts;
meaningful diagrams;
properly formatted

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