THA 142 University of Miami The Trojan Women Discussion

These are the requirements,Theatre is presenting The Trojan Women:

After watching the performance, you must submit a document that addresses the following points:

Which performance of the show did you attend? (Note there are two performances on Saturdays) (3%)(I saw the show on Tuesday night.)
What did you think of the show, overall? Why? Explain. (5%)
List four technical elements of the performance that, in your opinion, were well executed. Explain your opinion as thoroughly as possible. (8.5% each)
List four technical elements of the performance that, in your opinion, could have been better executed. Explain your opinion as thoroughly as possible. (8.5% each)
List three elements used in the performance that we have discussed in class. For each, name what the element is and explain how it was used. (8% each)

For points 3 and 4, you must focus on technical elements instead of design elements – meaning this is about the execution of a concept, not the concept itself (admittedly, for some items it is hard to make this distinction). Consider elements in scenery, props, lighting, sound and costumes. Items you could discuss include but are not limited to:

Lighting or special effects.
Props and their function.
Specific elements of the scenery and how they function or were constructed.
Execution of specific sound effects or sound in general.

And remember: this is about the execution, not the design. Here are a couple of fictional examples:

There is a piece of scenery that enters and exits.

Stating that this piece of scenery exists or saying it was a good or bad idea to use it is discussing a design choice, and not pertinent to this assignment.
Discussing how this was executed, and how it affected the show in a positive way (the entrances and exits were clean, for example) or a negative way (for instance, an entrance seems to have been missed, the movement of the scenic piece was jerky) and how this affected the telling of the story is a technical note and worth full credit.

All actors in the show are wearing microphones.

Mentioning that the actors are wearing microphones is discussing a design choice, and not pertinent.
Discussing that the balance of the sound of the mics was great, or that an actor could not be heard because their microphone was malfunctioning, are technical notes and the kind of thing this project is about.

Other than item 1 on the list, everything on the project requires explanations. Explaining why an item is listed is where you will earn your grade. When in doubt, explain.

I will send you the documents given by the professor and some short videos and photos I took on the scene. It is very important that you combine the two to answer the above questions.





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