SWOT analysis of the business environment

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Based on the combined expertise you have gained from your Assignment 1 Evaluations; in this assignment you will produce an e-commerce design plan and a small 10-page ecommerce prototype running on the WordPress platform. Your goal is to create an online store that will complement Hal’s Woodworking business model.
Part A: Your group should produce an e-commerce design plan that includes:

SWOT analysis of the business environment
Marketing strategy which describes the target customer, proposes a social media campaign and SEO
Discussion of key features the site will implement
Proposed site customer-centric design, including storyboards for each page and the content to be included on the site.

Part B: Your group will implement you proposed design on the WordPress platform (wordpress.com). You will create a free tier account which will permit you to create 10 site pages, select an appropriate template, and lay out the site.
Please note the platform requires minimum knowledge of HTML programming, all the tools on the backend are WYSIWYG. You may visit the support section for additional tips of how to use the WordPress platform: https://wordpress.com/support/
In addition, your team should keep a detailed log of each student’s contributions to the overall assignment. This can be in any format (suggested: Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet). This is to be included as an appendix to your report.
Assessments 4 Marking Criteria and Rubric

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