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Submission Component and Marks AwardedMarks PLAN:  Find Scale of plan and explain4  9Bearing and Distances of three lines3Plan Presentation2HORIZONTAL ALIGNMENT  Deflection Angles4  18Curve Elements4Chainages along the Road10VERTICAL ALIGNMENT:  Draw Longsection5  23Grades, Ordinates, Design Levels12Low Point location and RL6TRAVERSE:1010DESIGN PARAMETERS:  Meets specifications6  10Design Quality4CURVE SET OUT:88INSTRUCTIONS TO SURVEY PARTY:66VOLUME ESTIMATE:66TOTAL 90


NAME: ……                                        STUDENT NUMBER …

Complete your answers in the spaces below and submit this word file or print it, fill it by hand and scan it.  Most of the tables have extra lines that you may not need to use so don’t worry if there are unused spaces.


Determine the scale of the plan  (4 Marks)

LineDistance on Plan (mm)Surveyed Dist (m)CALCULATED PLAN SCALEBar Scale   A – Y   Y – X   A – Start of Road (Ch 00)   

PLAN SCALE ADOPTED BY YOU (rounded to nearest 10 – no units or decimals) ….
Please give a brief reason why this scale was adopted

Find Bearings and Distances of each Line (3 Marks)

LineBearing (nearest degree)Distance (nearest m, which must then be adopted as the final length)Ch 00 – IP 1  IP 1 – IP 2  IP 2 – End  

1) and 3) Both your plan and longsection will need to be scanned then pasted to the end of this word document.  (Presentation and data for Plan 2 Marks; and Longsection 5 Marks)


Calculate each Deflection Angle (4 Marks)

Deflection Angle at IP1 (nearest degree) …  

Deflection Angle at IP2  (nearest degree) ….

Curve Elements  (4 Marks)

Tangent Distance for Curve 1 …                   

Arc Length of Curve 1 …                   

Tangent Distance for Curve 2 …                   

Arc Length of Curve 2 …                   

Chainages along the road (10 Marks)

LocationChainageStart of Road00Chainage of Hor. Curve TP 1 (to 2 decimal places) Chainage of Hor. Curve TP 2 (to 2 decimal places) Chainage of Hor. Curve TP 3 (to 2 decimal places) Chainage of Hor. Curve TP 4 (to 2 decimal places) Chainage of end of Road (to 2 decimal places) Scaled Distance to 1st Riverbank Scaled Distance to 2nd Riverbank 

VERTICAL ALIGNMENT (23 MARKS; 5 for Longsection, 12 for Design Levels, 6 for Low Point)

Show the data used to plot your longsection here.  (You may not fill every line)

Distance on plan (mm)Road Chainage (nearest m)R.L.00                                  

Complete this table by calculating the design level at every 10m of running chainage. Please indicate the TPs and IPs of each VC in the chainage column with the chainage.   (e.g.  320 TP, 360 IP)
Your longsection must be pasted at the end of this answer file. Where possible please scan it. (Please complete the chainages in the table as necessary for your unique design).


00    10    20    30    40    50    60    70    80    90    100    110    120    130    140    150    160    170    180    190    200    210    220    230    240    250    260    270    280    290    CHAINAGE              GRADE     GRADE LEVEL      ORDINATE        DESIGN R.L.300    310    320    330    340    350    360    370    380    390    400                        Ch of ‘End of Road’      Add in any extra chainages beyond 400, to complete the table
to the end of your road. 
Clearly show your chainage for the road.
Show the chainage and RL of the Low Point in the row below.     

Show your calculations for the Low Point of the road here.

4) Traverse and Coordinate Calculations  (10 Marks)

You may show calculations for the bearings here, if you wish.

Survey Party’s Traverse from A to point Y

  Horiz.ΔEΔNCO-ORDINATES LINEBearingDistE (+)W (-)N (+)S(-)ENPT.       600.000400.000AA – Y        YY – X        X          

Calculate the Coordinates of the end of your road

  Horiz.ΔEΔNCO-ORDINATES LINEBearingDistE (+)W (-)N (+)S(-)ENPT.       600.000400.000AA – Ch 00        Ch 0Ch 0 – IP1        IP1IP1 -IP2        IP2IP2 – END        End of Rd          

Calculate the bearing and distance to set out the end of your road from point X.

  Horiz.ΔEΔNCO-ORDINATES LINEBearingDistE (+)W (-)N (+)S(-)ENPT.         XX – End        End          

5) Setting Out Data for Curve 1  (8 Marks)
Points to be set out must lie at every even 10m of running chainage and also the crown point.  (You may not fill every line in these tables).

Point to be peggedArc LengthäiäTLong ChordTP 1 Ch0 0 – 00 – 000                         TP 2 Ch    

Setting Out Data for Curve 2
Points to be set out must lie at every even 10m of running chainage and also the crown point.

Point to be peggedArc LengthäiäTLong ChordTP 3 Ch0 0 – 00 – 000                         TP 4 Ch    

6) Instructions to the Survey Party for any extra information you want them to collect along the Centre Line, to assist your final design.  (6 Marks)

7) Volume Estimation (6 MARKS)

It is not essential that you use this table.

If you prefer to use another layout, please do so below this table.  Ensure that you show the volume at the bottom of the page in the space provided.

Do NOT use the GIVEN Natural Surface RLs  for your longsection. 

Chainage (Dist)Natural Surface RLRoad Design RL  Depth/ Height of Cut or Fill    Area        10             20             30             40             50             60             70                           

Volume of Cut or Fill required between 00 and 70 …………………………   Cut  /  Fill

Were all the design criteria met?  (6 Marks)     YES / NO

If not, please explain or describe the problem area/s and briefly list the decisions you made, as to why your design is as it is.

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