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“Substance use, or chemical dependency, among nursing personnel places patients

“Substance use, or chemical dependency, among nursing personnel places patients and the organization at risk. Such an employee adversely affects staff morale by increasing stress on other staff members when they have to assume heavier workloads to cover for the chemically dependent employee who is not performing at full capacity or who is often absent. As a result, patient care may be jeopardized because staff are focusing more on the problems of a coworker than on those of the patients” (Yoder-Wise & Sportsman, 2023, p. 451).
Nurses’ Substance Use Education Through a Massive Open Online Course (NSUE-MOOC) was designed by Purdue University School of Nursing to educate nursing students about substance use in the nursing profession. To visit the course and check out the learning modules click here. For this assignment, you will work through pieces of Module 3, but the rest of the modules can serve as resources to you.
Reference: Foli, K. J., Huang, W., Adams, N., Kersey, S., Good, B., Ott, C., & Duha, M. S. (2021). Nurses’ substance use education through a massive open online course (NSUE-MOOC). Purdue University, School of Nursing, West Lafayette, Indiana. https://attcnetwork.org/centers/global-attc/news/nurses-substance-use-education-mooc
Assignment Instructions:
The webinar recording and additional resources are linked below. These are the learning objectives from Module 3 of the NSUE-MOOC and are also your assignment instructions. Record you answers to each learning objective on a Word document and submit your answers below. Always give credit to your sources.
Learning Objectives:
Upon the completion of this module, you will be able to:
List the prevalence rate of substance use (SU) in nurses compared to the general population.
Identify signs and symptoms of the nurse who is dependent on alcohol and other substances.
Describe the risk factors, including psychological trauma, for alcohol and substance use for both student nurses and practicing nurses.
Explain the role of state boards of nursing and the purpose of alternative-to-discipline programs.
Discuss the position statements of American Nurses Association (ANA)-affiliated organizations pertaining to SU in nurses and student nurses.
Create a proactive plan, including steps to avoid substance use disorder in self, and ways to protect and preserve professional licensure and maintain a safe patient environment.
Utilize the resources below and watch the lecture presentation to answer all of the learning objectives. 
Record your responses to all six learning objectives on a Word document and upload it below.
Give credit to your sources using APA 7th edition format; use both in-text citations and on a reference page. Please visit the Writing Center if you need assistance.

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