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Students will select an organisation of their choice. (This could be the organis

Students will select an organisation of their choice. (This could be the
organisation they work for.
Taking the role of an external Consultant, they will be required to
conduct a performance review of the organisation and will submit a 2500-word
report that will critically review and evaluate a chosen area of interest,
department, or sector.
The report will include the design and a deployment plan for a business
intelligence/data analytics system (using appropriate data analytics software).
Secondary data sources will be used to direct the analysis as well as
frame the problem/opportunity
statement regarding the case company.
is no expectation that students should collect primary data.
As part of the written assignment, students will be required to develop
a decision support dashboard for the organisation.
The dashboard will be designed and developed by using appropriate data
analytics software and should be submitted separately using Blackboard.
A 2500-word report justifying the use of business intelligence and data
analytics solution methods should also be submitted using Blackboard.
Students will be given written
feedback so they will be able to feed into the workplace and/or further study.
Formative feedback will be provided to students during the semester by
the module tutor during interactive workshop sessions. In addition, an assignment
briefing session will be run which will provide further opportunities for
formative feedback to students.
Summative feedback will be provided to students on the completion of their
assignments to assess their performance.
The following marking criteria will be used to mark the report and the
decision support dashboard;
Introduction to the problematic
situation/opportunity regarding your selected organisation – 400 words (10%)
Theoretical frameworks
to link the problem/opportunity of the case organisation- 800 words (20%)
Evidence of knowledge
and understanding of business intelligence/data analytics systems. Marks will
be awarded on the quality of analysis, data visualisations, interactive use of
data analytics software and dashboard features (30%)- submitted separately as a
Critical analysis and
justification of dashboard solution to address the problematic/opportunity
situation in the selected case company- 800 words (20%)
Conclusion and
recommendations for the implementation of business intelligence/analytics
system in the case organisation for the focused area of investigation- 400
words (10%)
Presentation including
appropriate language, references used, clarity of expression and style; appropriate structure and
format; length and the relevance of appendices if used (10%)

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