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Students are required to write a double spaced (2000-2500 words, not including r

Students are required to write a double spaced (2000-2500 words, not including references or title page, for both undergraduate and graduate students) research paper on a topic that relates to one specific topic addressed during the program. APA formatting will be required. I have provided many possible topics in previous Canvas announcements. ALL PAPERS WILL BE REVIEWED THROUGH SAFE ASSIGN FOR PLAGIARISM AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. I do not want to read student papers discussing the legalization of marijuana.
Title page, including paper title, course name, student name
Introduction or paper abstract, an overview of the topic, what aspect of the topic you are going to address, suggested length, 100-150 words;
A review of some of the prior literature and writings on this subject; for most of you, this will constitute the bulk of the paper, as this will probably not be a piece of original research. I suggest, to keep it simple, devoting 4-5 paragraphs to each prior writing and creating a subheading for each section; be very careful to use paragraph breaks and subheadings; suggested length, 1500-1600 words;
If you choose to do something original, such as conducting a telephone or email interview with a coffee shop owner or the London police regarding witchcraft cases, or communicate directly with someone in the UK or Amsterdam, you should probably devote about half of this section to the prior literature and the other half to your findings from your interview etc.
Concluding thoughts, what you put here depends on the topic, but if you are writing about something historical, provide your overall thoughts about the topic, what lessons can be learned, what that topic may say about that society at that time; if you are writing about something contemporary, ex. Breanne mentioned something about gun laws I think, you might provide your overall thoughts on that policy, how well it works there, and contrast it with similar laws or attitudes in the United States;
Writing quality should be befitting a university junior, senior or graduate student; grammar, punctuation, proofreading etc. will be taken into account;
Each paper must contain at least five references, APA reference style throughout, no more than two internet sources. Get off Google and visit the Joyner Library home page.
Written product: Students will be required to write a double-spaced 1600-word research paper on a topic that relates to one specific topic addressed during the program. Most students will probably choose to delve more deeply into a topic that was briefly or superficially touched on during the trip. The paper should summarize some relevant academic literature on the chosen topic, student opinions, and possible policy implications in the United States. APA formatting will be required. The topic will be chosen by the student in concert with the professor. The paper will account for a maximum of 100 points. ALL PAPERS WILL BE REVIEWED THROUGH SAFE ASSIGN FOR PLAGIARISM. See the course appendix for policies on the use of artificial intelligence.
After visiting Amsterdam and London with a criminal justice teacher, I need to write a paper on a topic we learned about during the trip. On May 15th, we visited a Dutch probation office and learned about their policies. I was surprised that the maximum sentence for a Dutch criminal is 30 years. They do not have life sentences or the death penalty.
This raised questions for me. Are their prison systems worse than America’s? How do they reform criminals who have committed serious crimes and still release them after serving time? Do they have more rehabilitation options?
It seems that their system focuses more on comfort and rehabilitation. For my paper, I am particularly interested in exploring the statistics regarding recidivism in the Netherlands. I want to explore this topic because I took this as their prisons are much better than America’s, and they have more manageable and lighter sentences than America’s, so are they better? Are prisons actually reformed? The crime rates, specifically in murder. because you can commit a murder and get a maximum of 30 years, and that mind boggles me. with follow my teacher buildings.

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