Simulation Project- Computer Lab Project

Model and analyse the communication tower at the Casuarina campus. Apply dead, live and wind load as per in AS 1170 or other relevant standards in SAP2000. You should measure size of the elements as far as you can from or make reasonable assumptions about the dimensions. Reasonable assumptions should be made for type of materials used in the structure as well.

In your report following items should be presented.

a-     Screenshots of your model showing:

Geometry of the structure

Screenshots of your model showing loading including load combinations 3- Reactions at the supports

Maximum forces in the members

Maximum forces in the connections

b-     Discussion on:

How would the structure behave in a cyclone.

What is the maximum expected displacement in at the top of the tower were the antenna is located.

If you are asked to reduce the displacement at antenna by 25%, what solutions you suggest.

Show that your solution works by modelling it in SAP2000.

Please note that this is an individual task, and each student must do the measurements, simulation and report individually.

I will provide students with several photos of the structure which could be their reference for modelling and students are encouraged to share their photos of the structure on the allocated discussion page on LL.

External students need to make reasonable judgements according to the photos and satellite images of the structure.

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