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Respond to two colleagues by proposing an intervention that would address the in

Respond to two
colleagues by proposing an intervention that would address the indicators
identified. Explain the potential impact of social work interventions such as
this on adolescents’ lives. How might Stephanie’s adolescent life have improved
with this intervention?
Catherine Gibbs
In working with
Stephanie as a high school student who has experienced suicidal ideations and
mental health concerns I would look at the indicators that she has provided.
Stephanie has expressed feeling depressed and has a history of suicide
attempts, hospitalization, stress, and trauma in her life which are indicators
to look for in individuals at risk (NAMI, n.d.). These indicators put Stephanie
at high risk of repeat actions (Udoetuk et al., 2019). As Stephanie has already
been hospitalized after a suicide attempt she may be less intent on seeking
help (Udoetuk et al., 2019).  In
responding to these indicators I would approach the situation carefully. When
meeting with Stephanie it is important that there is no fear in asking
questions and having an open and direct conversation (NAMI, n.d.). Stephanie
expressed being upset that her family ignored her suicide attempt and
hospitalization as if it had not occurred (Walden, 2021).  This is a conversation that is worth exploring
in a calm and patience way. Opening up conversation about her family and
involving her family as appropriate. Increasing family conversation will also
provide information to how Stephanie and her family communicate emotions to
help identify attachment (Singer et al., 2017). 
I would also ask questions relating current feelings and if she has made
any current plans to harm herself (NAMI, n.d.). Working with Stephanie and
validating her feelings as her feelings matter. The family may be in need of
emotion coaching to help open up the communication barrier (Singer et al.,
National Alliance on
Mental Illness. (n.d.-a). Risk of suicide Links to an external site..
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O’Brien, K. H., & LeCloux, M. (2017). Three psychotherapies for suicidal
adolescents: Overview of conceptual frameworks and intervention techniques
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Gina Christini
As a school social
worker, if Stephanie had presented with suicidal ideation, there are several
indicators I would have looked for in her behavior and demeanor. Some of the
indicators I would have looked for include:
1              Changes in mood, such as sudden or prolonged periods of
sadness, hopelessness, or despondency.
2              Social withdrawal or isolation from friends and family.
3              Changes in sleep patterns, such as insomnia or oversleeping.
If I noticed any of
these indicators in Stephanie, my response would have been to engage in open
and supportive communication with her in a safe and confidential space (NIH,
2022). I would have asked her questions to understand the depth of her feelings
and thoughts, such as:
1              Can you tell me more about what you’re feeling right
2              Can you share with me why you feel this way?
3              Have you ever thought about hurting yourself before?
By asking these
questions, my goal would have been to assess the level of risk and safety for
Stephanie, provide her with emotional support, and connect her to appropriate
mental health resources such as therapy, counseling, or crisis intervention
National Institute of
Mental Health. “Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ) Toolkit.” National
Institute of Mental Health, 2022,

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colleagues by proposing an intervention that would address the in appeared first on essaynook.com.

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