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 Respond to at least 5 of the following questions  should be between 400 – 60

 Respond to at least 5 of the following questions 

  • should be between 400 – 600 words
  1. Describe the biological (i.e., physical appearance, health status), psychological (i.e., coping, stress, self-esteem) social (i.e. social positions/roles, family structure, social connectedness), and spiritual (i.e. meaning of life) impact of racism and discrimination on non-white people?
  2. Watch the video titled, Humanistic Perspective in the model. Maslow states that in order for a person to reach self-actualization, basic needs must be met first, followed by the need for safety, love and belonging, and esteem. Based on Maslow’s theory, what do you feel are the primary needs of non-white people in America?
  3. How might power and privilege impact the client – worker relationship? How should social workers respond?
  4. What is your overall view of the case study titled difference and diversity?  What are the issues related to race, discrimination, diversity, etc.? 
  5. Watch the video’s titled ‘The Anti-Racism Experiment That Transformed an Oprah Show Audience’ and ‘Jane Elliott Interview on Race, Education and Racism’. How does the social experiment parallel the history of America?
  6. Do you think it’s ethical to change people because you think their characteristics are different or somehow less superior to yours? If so, in what situation do you feel this is justified? Provide an example of what happens when people place their beliefs on others?
  7. How do we treat people who don’t look like us — have different skin colors; are taller, thinner, or heavier; have braces or glasses; use a cane to walk; have wrinkles; are older, younger, deaf, or blind? What is the appropriate social work response to working with individuals, families, and groups who may see the world differently?
  8. How can social workers help build a more inclusive and welcoming environment when working with clients? How can language alienate or engage others?

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