Research Paper You will write a research paper regarding a country you selected

Research Paper
You will write a research paper regarding a country you selected. There are two parts in the paper. In Part I, you will research your chosen country based on a list of provided questions. In Part II, you will answer research questions and provide your answers in a narrative form. The research paper is comprised of two parts, as described below. Complete instructions provided in the Research Paper Instructions. (attached)
Part I: Country Characteristics
Research your topic using sources such as journal articles, government data, online newspapers/magazines, company fillings and press releases, etc. Address a list of questions provided in the Content area of the course using information you gathered from research. All answers should be in complete sentences and provide the appropriate amount of context (i.e. no single word answers). You must include a citation in the most current edition of APA format for each response, including the direct URL, if applicable, after each answer. Be sure to include the date of your information and provide the most current data available.
Part II: Country Evaluation
Answer five research questions about your country of choice (provided in the Content area of the course). For each question, you must write a minimum of two paragraphs with each consisting of a minimum of 115 words equaling a total of 230 words per question.
Part II of the paper should be written with headings in narrative form and incorporate an in-depth critical analysis of your country’s information. It should include:
Proper use of thesis statements, paragraph and sentence structure
Citations to two outside sources
Proper utilization of grammar, including punctuation, spelling, subject, and verb usage
Error-free writing
Be sure to use the most current edition of APA for in-text citations and a reference list. The document should be submitted in MS Word, double-spaced, with consistent 1-inch margins on each page and font consistent with the most current edition of APA guideline





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