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Reflection on Athletes and Activism Assignment Social Justice & Activism has been demonstrated/been a focus in professional sports this year (MLB, WNBA, NBA, MLS, and WTA)

1.Reflection on Athletes and Activism Assignment Social Justice & Activism has been demonstrated/been a focus in professional sports this year (MLB, WNBA, NBA, MLS, and WTA) • Should this be allowed? • Should athletes be able to use their platforms to express their opinions? • Through the history of activism in sports, pick your top 3 moments in history you were most inspired by in Athletes and Activism. • And lastly, a big debate this year in sports has been if you should or should not have to stand for the national anthem? What is your opinion and why? Defend your point of view. 2.WLPL Personal Wellness Plan WLPL (SA) Assignment Think carefully about your experience in WLPL 100 this semester and consider some of these prompts to help your reflection. • What were some of the highlights? • What content and experiences interested you most? • How would you like to build your skills and knowledge from this point? • In what areas has your understanding changed? 1. Based on these reflections, create a Wellness and Physical Literacy Plan for the upcoming 6 months to 1 year. The plan may be created in the format of your choice (ex. video, Microsoft Word, Google Slides, etc.). 2. In the plan, briefly describe each of the 7 Wellness domains (Week 1) and how they impact your life. Identify one SMART goal (Week 8) for yourself in each of the 7 Wellness domains. 3. List 4 or more physical activities or movement forms that interest you and explain how each contributes to various Wellness domains. 4. Describe how motor competence and intrinsic motivation play a role in your physical activity habits. 5. Given your SMART goals and the movement forms that interest you, explain how WLPL 255: Becoming Skilled in Wellness and Physical Literacy through Yoga will help you to work toward the goals and engage in movement forms/physical activities that interest you. Learning Outcomes assessed with the Wellness and Physical Literacy Plan: #3. Describe the seven dimensions of wellness. #4. Explain how the seven dimensions of wellness are related to a physically active lifestyle and healthy lifestyle. #6. Develop a Wellness and Physical Literacy Plan related to physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. This assignment has been identified as the Signature Assignment. Therefore, this assignment must be uploaded in 2 different locations within Brightspace. • Upload your completed assignment to Brightspace as you normally would. • After uploading your completed assignment to Brightspace, you now need to upload this same assignment to your ePortfolio To upload your assignment to your ePortfolio, please watch the video titled How to Add a Signature Assignment to Your ePortfolio for directions. To confirm you added your Signature Assignment to your ePortfolio, please upload a screenshot to this assignment submission. 3.Wrap Up and Reflection Assignment As we close out this course, your feedback would be helpful as I continue to develop this course. Would you recommend this course to other students? If yes, why? If no, why not? Please share what your favorite assignment was and at least one improvement you would recommend to this course

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