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Refer to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and identify one standard that interests you.Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. (2021). National Safety and Quality

Task Description: Presentation (10 minutes)
Value: 20%
Due Date: Sunday July 30, 2023
This assessment provides you with an opportunity to find evidence in the academic literature of research that reports on the achievement of quality through effective nursing leadership.
Refer to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and identify one standard that interests you.
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. (2021). National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2nd. ed.- v 2). https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/standards/nsqhs-standards
See PDF of this document is available: https://www.safetyandquality.gov.au/publications-and-resources/resource-library/national-safety-and-quality-health-service-standards-second-edition
Your task then is to explore the academic literature to find three journal articles (peer reviewed five years old) that report on how nursing leadership can be used to achieve quality in relation to the standard/ criterion/ action/ clinical focus of the standard (e.g. medication safety, blood management). From your literature collection, develop an integrated response to the question:
What nursing leadership strategies contribute to the achievement of this standard?
1. Introduction (1 minute)
2. Explain your chosen Standard (3 minutes)
3. Report on nursing leadership strategies (5 minutes)
4. Conclusion (1 minute)
5. Reference list
-It is expected that the presentation is integrated, that is, a separate summary of each article will not be sufficient. It is expected that the articles are critically evaluated and their merits collated in a structured presentation.
-Time allocations are approximate.
-A video presentation will be made available during week one to support your completion of this task.
-The length of the presentation must be close to the time specified. If the length is outside +/- 10 there will be a reduction of 10% of the total mark available for the assessment.
-Refer to the marking rubric attached below
Submission Portal: Learnline Assessment 1 submission area (Turnitin)
Limit: 10 minutes
Referencing format: APA 7
Title slide: Student name and unit code
File format: PPT with audio or MP4
Knowledge: Students are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the chosen standard, of leadership practice acquired from study of Modules 1-3 and from independent research.
Critical analysis: The presentation is supported by a synthesis and evaluation of relevant current quality peer reviewed academic sources;
Argument: A comprehensive, persuasive and critical discussion of nursing leadership strategies that support achievement of the chosen Standard is central to the presentation.
Communication: The presentation is engaging and creative and ideas are presented coherently and logically and with attention to grammar, syntax and punctuation. There is accurate use of discipline-specific language. First person is used selectively.
Academic convention: In-text citations and Reference List is consistent with APA 7th referencing requirements.
Learning Outcomes
This assessment item addresses the following learning outcomes:
1.Critically reflect upon the role of the registered nurse as a leader in a health care team in varying health contexts.
2.Critically analyse concepts of management and leadership in nursing and health services
3.Critically examine the role of the nurse leader in quality improvement and change management practices

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