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Readings: to an external site.,freedom%20and%20possibility%20for%20all Links to an external site..


There are a variety of social issues that social workers address on an individual basis every day. In the last unit, your essay addressed a “private problem” that could indicate a potential structural issue in the United States. Our next step is to focus on solving that issue.

Use what you’ve read about to further solve the issue you address in your Unit 5 essay.

Unit 5 References:

Dannen, R. (2021). Day 1: Social Identities And Systems of Oppression: Retrieved from

Day 1: Social Identities and Systems Of Oppression

Lumenlearning.(n.d.). Reading: Feminist Theory Retrieved from

The Feminist Perspective | Introduction to Sociology | | Course Hero

www.Tarbia.TV.(2016). The Unequal Opportunity Race: White Privilege? Institutional Racism? [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved from

The Unequal Opportunity Race: White Privilege? Institutional Racism? – YouTube

What public policy would you create to solve that issue? Which framework would you use to address it? How would ensure that the policy is culturally competent?

Are there people who suffer from that issue that may not have their problem solved by that public policy? How would you help those people?

Is there an existing agency that helps this group of people? How could you integrate that group into your solution? (Note: please include a link for the agency you chose in APA format on a reference list at the end of your essay).

Please use standard APA format for headings and citations to address the following writing prompt. Your response should be a minimum of two pages, but no more than four pages (unless you have instructor approval).

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