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Read Chapters 10-12 in Childhood Growth and Development, Paris, Ricardo, & Rymon

Read Chapters 10-12 in Childhood Growth and Development, Paris, Ricardo, & Rymond
Middle Childhood
Design a prevention or intervention program addressing the issues related to obesity, body imaging, and dieting.
Risk factors for pediatric obesity. 1) Biological: co-morbidities, genetics, metabolism. Which creates stress and depression leading to 2) Psychological: health knowledge, eating behaviors, activity habits. 3) Social: socioeconomic status, food policy, neighborhoods, schools. 4) Psychosocial: culture, gender.
Directions: Obesity, body image, and dieting in school-age children reflect the interaction of contextual and developmental factors. If you were to design a prevention or intervention program:
What developmental factors would you include?
How might you incorporate contextual factors like home, peers, school, neighborhood, and culture into your program?
Optional Resources:
Evaluating Childhood Healthy Weight Programs: Contextual Factors. National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR)
Childhood obesity (Mayo Clinic)
Kumanyika, S. K. (2008). Environmental influences on childhood obesity: ethnic and cultural influences in context. Physiology & behavior, 94(1), 61-70.
Additional Instructions
Readings: For all written assignments, please be sure to apply the assigned module readings, journal articles as well as scholarly websites you have located cite as needed throughout the writing as you apply the readings, and provide a reference page at the end. Always apply additional scholarly resources (at least two).
For all written assignments please follow this format to effectively organize and ensure you have covered all criteria:
Begin with an Introduction heading
Create a subheading for each criteria from the directions
End with a Conclusion heading
Add a Reference page.
Your written assignments are intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. They are also intended to provide opportunities to more fully describe, explain, and analyze your ideas. For assistance on finding Library Resources and Academic Integrity review the resources available to you.
Your assignment is expected to be well written using APA style and organized, with proper sentence structure, citations, and spell checked. Your professor will provide detailed comments related to content and to organization, which will help you to contextualize and organize all future writing well. For further explanation of how you will be evaluated please see the Written Assignment Rubric in the course information documents.

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