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PUBH6475 Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Module 4 Assignment 2 Health Promotion Program Proposal

PUBH6475 Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

Module 4 Assignment 2

Health Promotion Program Proposal

By Day 7 of Week 7 submit a 12- to 15-page proposal (not including title page and references, double- spaced, Times New Roman font, APA format) including the following points:

Title page including the project title, your name and title as the primary contact person, course, and section number

The following sections of your proposal using APA formatted headers:

1. Introduction

Concicely describe the project relevance and need

Describe how your project complements or adds to other similar initiatives.

2. Community Description

Describe the target audience(s) for the project (e.g. health practitioners, policy-makers, underserved population).

List the geographic location(s) and sites/settings (e.g. hospital, community-based center, school, work setting) where the project activities will take place.

3. Needs Assessment

Provide a summary of the mini-needs assessment conducted to determine a priority health issue for this community. The mini-needs assessment is to be based on available statistics and must focus on population needs, assets and capacities that affect your identified community’s health.

4. Socio-ecological factors

Provide a description of the primary socio-ecological factors related to the health issue.

5. Stakeholders

Identify and describe strategies used to identify your program stakeholders and build coalitions and partnerships.

Identify and describe types of resources and community stakeholders. Indicate the name of the partners you will work with during the project. Describe the role and contribution of each partner.

6. Vision, mission, goals and objectives

Identify the program vision

Identify the program mission

Describe at least one program goal

Describe at least two objectives

7. Theoretical framework

Identify the theory or model used to guide development of the interventions and provide a rationale for your selection.

8. Intervention strategy

Propose an appropriate population-based program intervention strategy based on your theoretical framework that targets one of the socio-ecological factors associated with this health condition and target population.

9. Activities

Identify at least two specific program activities and explain how it would be used in the program.

Explain how each activity is related to your theoretical framework.

10. Logic Model

Create a Logic Model for the program.

11. Conclusion that includes your take home message and implications for social change

12. Reference list in APA format

Support your work with specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate.

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