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Provide a brief introduction of your selected organisationIntegrated Marketing Communications Define Integrated Marketing Communications Provide some examples of its importance to

Provide a brief introduction of your selected organisation
Integrated Marketing Communications
 Define Integrated Marketing Communications
 Provide some examples of its importance to an organisation.
 Provide some examples of the marketing communication channels from the
Traditional and Digital marketing communications as below:
Traditional Marketing Communication
 Advertisement
 Sales Promotion
 Sponsorship
 Public Relations
 Personal Selling

Digital Marketing Communication Channels
Social media channels
 Instagram
 Tik-tok
 Facebook
 YouTube
 Vlogs/Blogs
 Pinterest

 Select at least two each from the above, that is the Traditional communication
channels and the Digital communications channel, further define and explain your
selected channels from both.
 Provide strengths and limitations as to how they can be applied to achieve
communication objectives and are integrated as part of a marketing strategy for the
selected ones and also provide some similarities among them.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan and Communication Objectives

 Define Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
 Design an integrated marketing communication for your chosen organisation by
following the model below
 Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications Planning Model – RABOSTIC

Research & Analysis
Analysis of the current situation of your chosen organisation’s existing marketing
communication plan to identify weakness/problems and strengths, opportunities and threats
with communication plan

 Scan the communication plan to see fitness with target market (eg, B2B or B2C
 The environment – promotional message /promotional channels with the target
markets- social and cultural values etc
 Effectiveness of previous communication channels and its form?
 Impact of competitors promotions on your organisations?
 Bottom-line = SWOT perspectives of the IMC or Promotional Strategies

Knowing the target audience or customers that the organisation might use its marketing
communication to target or inform about their products.
Apply Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)

What should the chosen organisation achieve with the plan?
 To create awareness
 To inform the market
 To create desire
 To build loyalty
 To develop repeat purchase behaviour
 To increase market share
Whatever you do, think of creating SMART objectives.
Specific What do you want the
organisation to achieve?
Measurable How will it be measured
Attainable Can it be achieved?
Realistic Is the set objective realistic to

be achieved?

Time-bound When it is time bound?
 Company aims to increase our website leads by 30% via Social Media Marketing
and Blogging by 2023.
 To increase followers of our Facebook company page to 1000 by the 2023
through increasing frequency of posting by 50% and optimizing targeting.

Increasing organisation’s brand awareness by 80% by 2025

This is about the communication strategy for getting the message across to the target
audience in order to achieve the selected organisation’s communication objectives
o Highlight brand/product USP; competitive position, and how it creates value for

In this you can apply DRIP marketing model.
 Differentiate the message about your brand from competitors
 Reinforce the brand message
 Inform (or ensure your target market are aware of brand through consistency of your
 Persuade your target market to behave in a particular way towards your brand through
your message
What the chosen organisation might need to ensure the establishment of the strategy.
Which marketing channels and why?

Digital marketing tactics
 Vlogs
 Blogs
 E-vouchers
 Affiliate marketing
 Influencers
 Websites enhancement

Traditional marketing tactics
 Using of celebrities
 Grabertising
 Message design (Humour, Fantasy,
Love, etc)
 Designing of new packaging

About budget allocation and other resources (in-house staff or outsourcing to agencies,
staffing, length of time for promotion) needed for the promotional activities
Budget Allocation Methods
 Affordable Method
 Percentage-of-Sales Method
 Competitive Parity method
 Objective-and-Task Method
You are required to explain one of the above.
This is about how the IMC strategic plan will be implemented.

 Outsource
 Hiring of new promotional manager or new digital marketing experts
 In staff training for the marketing campaign department
Monitor and Control
Reviewing success or outcome of the plan
Assess it from your stated objective in the plan.
 Gather feedback on efficiency (use surveys etc)
 Check effectiveness of plan against set objectives (ROI, advertising recall; retail
audit-sales increase or market etc)
 Cost per impression—cost relates to the number of people who view the advert
 Cost per response (click-throughs)—cost relates to the number of
 people who click the ad
Recommendations for the marketing communication plan linked to marketing strategy.
Reflection on the plan for its enhancement and provide recommendations for it
 Reflect on the overall promotional plan and assess how things can be improved in the
 What do think the organisation should do differently in the future to improve upon the

Creative Content.
Explain creative content and its importance to your organisation.
Create innovative content for a marketing channels for your chosen organisation that
specified communicational objectives.
You can apply below to create detailed content.

Identify your target audience

Define promotional objectives

Create promotional platform

Determine a budget

Develop media plan

Create promotional message

Execute campaign

Evaluate promotional effectiveness


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