PNSD Yamamoto Fashion Philosophy Annotated Bibliography

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Be sure to evaluate the quality of your sources. (How old are they? Are they from a peer-reviewed publication? Are they primary or  secondary sources?) For each entry on your list, create a word notation that summarizes the content of the source, and explains its relevance to your research interests. 


“Yohji Yamamoto: The Japanese Aesthetic of Imperfection.” Mara Marietta, 19 Jan. 2021, 

Yamamoto, Yohji. Yohji Yamamoto. Rizzoli, 2014. 

Taguchi, Toshiko. All about Yohji Yamamoto from 1968: Yamamoto Yoji Modo No Kiroku: Modo No Imi O Kaeta Yamamoto Yoji No Sokuseki O Sagashite

Amed, Imran. “Inside Yohji Yamamoto’s Fashion Philosophy | The Business of Fashion.” The Business of Fashion, Youtube, 15 May 2016, 

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PNSD Yamamoto Fashion Philosophy Annotated Bibliography

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