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please write my initial Reflections on the feedback you have received from your

please write my initial Reflections on the feedback you have received from your instructor and your peers on the final project and throughout the course. In your initial post, respond to the following questions:
How will this feedback inform your future planning processes for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations?
During the planning phase of a business project, how do you envision your use of copyrighted material under the fair use doctrine? Consider the gathering of resources, using citations, incorporating research into your work, and so forth.
In your response posts, compare your post to those of your peers. Is there any additional advice you can offer regarding planning processes based on the feedback you received in the course? Do you have any advice regarding fair use?
classmate 1 
Hello All!
The positive feedback on the milestones and final project confirmed that my approach was on the right track. It motivated me to improve my work. Knowing that my efforts were recognized showed the importance of paying attention to details. The feedback showed that I had successfully grasped the course concepts. 
During the planning phase of a business project, I will approach the use of copyrighted material with a clear understanding of the fair use doctrine. I will ensure that the information I gather are credible and relevant. I will assess the fair use factors when using copyrighted material. I will credit original authors to avoid plagiarism. I will summarize research rather than copy it. This respects copyright laws while also showing my understanding and ability to interpret the material. This approach will help me create ethical and professional documents and presentations. 
classmate 2 
Hi all,
Overall, I received positive feedback on my work throughout this term. The most notable feedback I received was from the spreadsheet portion of the course. When I handed in the spreadsheet initially, I included the year in some of the calculations from the tables that carried into the charts. Professor Karatzoulidis respectfully pointed this out to me, and I was able to make the correction. I could not help but imagine that if I had explained the information in a real-world business setting, I would have had a significant error in my calculations. The biggest takeaway, which is very obvious, is that checking work, even in spreadsheet equations, is crucial if I wish to keep my projects error-free and maintain a reliable reputation in business settings. 
Adhering to the fair use doctrine is crucial when planning a business project and considering using copyrighted material. Fair use allows for the limited use of copyrighted material without the need for permission from the copyright holder. Fair use permits using copyrighted material, such as excerpts from books, articles, or other sources, for research, critique, or commentary. It’s important to use copyrighted material transformatively, adding new meaning or value through analysis, commentary, or criticism. When incorporating copyrighted material into my work, I will ensure that proper citations are provided to acknowledge the original source. This involves citing the material’s author, title, source, and copyright information. I will also limit the amount of copyrighted material used to what is necessary for the specific purpose

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