Please write an inital post reguarding the following: In your initial post, ide

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Please write an inital post reguarding the following:
In your initial post, identify a product or service that both you and your parents or grandparents have purchased, but through different
distribution channels. Name and describe the distribution channel your parents or grandparents used to purchase the product or service.
Then, name and describe the distribution channel that you prefer to purchase that same product or service, and explain why.
Please write a reply to both peer A and B using the following instructions:
In your replies to at least two peers, discuss the demographic and psychographic characteristics that would align with the distribution
channels they described.
Peer A:
A similar product that me and my dad have both bought would be fishing gear. When my dad was my age, he didn’t have a phone or
access to TV. The only ads he saw were on billboards or those he read in the newspaper. If he saw something that he liked he would cut
out the ad and find the nearest fishing shop. The difference between me and him is that I have easy access to the internet. I can see an
ad pretty much anywhere, go to their website and pick out exactly what I want. I don’t have to worry about stock issues or traveling. I can order from my home to my home.
Peer B:
The one product that my mother and I have purchased would be Clarins as we both used to purchase this product in person through
retails stores. Since the market in my mother’s town is larger, she is still able to purchase her merchandise in person but the market for
Clarins in my town is not popular like MAC, Lancome, and Estee Lauder they stopped selling it in stores. If I wanted to continue using
Clarins I had 2 options, go to another town and purchase or order it online. I decided to start buying my products online and now it is my
preferable purchasing method. This is convenient as I do not need to order just from just one retailer as I can also order it directly from
Clarins and it gets delivered directly to my door. Also, when ordering online through a retailer or through Clarins I get product variety that I did not always get in-person.

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