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Please review the guidance below to help you plan and undertake this assignment:

Please review the guidance below to help you plan and undertake this assignment: A critical analysis of the relationship between the culture and ethos of your setting/locality and international research on inclusive educational provision for learners with SEND. Use the Guide to Harvard Referencing to format your referencing correctly. You can also watch the video Writing Academic Assignments by Ruth Green.
In the library folder linked below you can also see examples of Assignment 1 completed by other delegates. Use these to inform your work.
Some important points:
The assignment is meant to demonstrate your analysis of wider reading. Ensure that you have references cited within your work. You can cite books you have read or journal articles. You have unlimited access to thousands of articles by simply clicking the blue ‘EBSCO’ button on the right hand side of this screen. Further guidance on using EBSCO is available in the Online Module Guide (at the start of this course).
At Masters level, you are required to demonstrate critical analysis of what you have read, not just a descriptive summary of what you have read. Some delegates have found the following website provides helpful scaffolding for their writing
Academic phrasebook

Being critical

Delegates who have completed the course previously, have given us feedback that it would be helpful to remind all delegates starting a Masters assignment, that key information about the key academic skills of writing with critical analysis is also available in the Online Module Guide at the beginning of this course, in the Learning experience ‘Get into the Master Mindset’.
Your draft assignments are uploaded to the ‘drafts’ area of the library when you click the upload button at the end of each strand. These will be viewed by your tutor and formative feedback will be provided for you. Other delegates cannot see these ‘draft assignments’. However, when you upload your final copy of your assignments for examination (in the final portfolio strand at the end of this course), these copies can be viewed by other delegates. You have the benefit of viewing assignments submitted for examination by past delegates in the library, when they are deemed to meet the criteria for a ‘pass’ grade. 

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