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Please respond with a 100 words on each post!!! Ls-Inequality is a social issue

Please respond with a 100 words on each post!!!
Ls-Inequality is a social issue that can affect people’s lives in many ways including their access to opportunities, health, and human rights. The situation where inequality appears is when there is a disproportionate distribution of wealth or resources. This can include unequal access to healthcare, education, jobs, housing, or other resources. This is a macro-level social issue. Inequality can affect many groups and institutions including people living in poverty people are unemployed, or low pay are more likely to live in poverty. Other groups at risk include children young people who aren’t in school or training, people experiencing homelessness, and pensioners. Social institutions and groups that are involved in creating and promoting inequality include government, employers, educational institutions, media outlets, religious organizations and non-profit organizations. Conflict theory is widely used in sociology to explain social changes a social science perspective that holds that stratification is dysfunctional and harmful in society, with inequality perpetuated because it benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. Social stratification the arrangement of social classes, or castes within society.
Jr-The inequality I think is a big social issue is race and ethics. A lot of Americans feel Hispanics are here to take their jobs and help we offer. Yes, some that come over are bad for our country but what about the ones who want better for their families? I know we have race issues with all races but to I feel Hispanics and Native Americans get the worst of it all but that is my opinion.
The group I feel does the most in creating issues is the government along with media. Someone hears one bad thing and there are racial issues everywhere. Not all are bad and those that are not immigrants and was born here get treated indifferently because of one bad thing being said. I know people think they will take our jobs but at the same time they are willing to the work whereas the white population don’t want to do the work.
Advocating more for this inequality I feel would be beneficial. Not everyone you see that comes from a different place is bad and want to support their families or are fleeing from war or gangs. We should all be treated the same, there should not be a competition on which race gets the job or the help we offer.

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