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Please read Chapters 17, 18, and 19, then do the following: 1.  Post your discus

Please read Chapters 17, 18, and 19, then do the following:
1.  Post your discussion thread (before midnight on Wednesday, July 10)
2. Take the quiz
3. Write your 5 blog entries
4. Respond to 3 of your colleagues’ discussion threads (all before midnight on Sunday, July 14)
Study Terms:
a) Martin Luther                              b) Ignatius Loyola                        c) Counter Reformation                              d) Louis XIV                                                                                                              e) John Calvin                                   f) Rene Descartes                        g ) Nicolaus Copernicus                               f) Isaac Newton                                                                                                         g) Charles V                                      h) The Spanish Armada              i) Machiavelli                                                  j) Peter the Great                                                                                                    k) Topkapi Saray                              l) Aurangzeb                                m) The Safavids                                             n) Ming Dynasty                                                                                                      n) Qing                                              o ) mandarins                               p) Shoguns                                                    q) Daimyo                                                                                                                  r) creoles                                           s) mestizos                                   t) Dahomey                                                    u) British East India Co  r) industrialization                                                          v) High level-equilibrium trap       w) Antoine Lavoisier                   x)Galileo Galilei                                              y) Ben Franklin                                                                                                        z) Maori
Study Questions:
What motivated Martin Luther to begin the Reformation in 1517?
What were some other Protestant movements in the 16th century and what were their objectives?
How did the Roman Catholic Church respond to the rise of Protestantism?
What was the significance of the printing press in the 16th century and beyond?
Why did Christian missions beyond Europe meet with limited success?
How and where did Buddhism and Islam spread in the 16th and 17th centuries?
How were the Americas and India examples of the increasing global religious diversity?
How did the Renaissance discovery of the world influence Western thinking about human nature?
Who was Nicholas Copernicus? Why is he often referred to as “the father of the Scientific Revolution?”
What were the key elements of the new scientific thinking in the West?
In what ways was the approach of scientists secular?
Why is Isaac Newton such an important historical figure?
What Western ideas were most welcome in the East and which were not?
Why did Western Europe remain politically fragmented in the 16th and 17th centuries?
What political ideas arose as a result of the growth of the power of the state?
Which newly empowered classes contended for a share in the growing might and resources of states?
What were the roles and status of women in 16th and 17th century Europe?
Why did Spain eventually lose its preeminent position in Europe?
How did Peter the Great transform Russia?
How was the Ottoman Empire governed?
Why did the Ottoman Empire begin to decline by the 18th century?
Why did the Mughal Empire decline by the 18th century?
What role did Shiite Islam play in Persia and why did the Safavid Empire stagnate?
Why did the Ming Dynasty in China decline and fall?
How did the Qing Dynasty govern China?  
What role did the Tokugawa Shogunate play in Japan?
How was the Spanish Empire in the New World governed and how was the society in the Spanish colonies structured?
What role did African states play in the Atlantic slave trade?
Why is population increase in the 18th century central to understanding the history of this period?
What natural resources and what technological innovation helped Britain lead the way of industrialization?
9, 4, 1, 19, 12, 3, 20, 6, 26, 14 are taken.

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1.  Post your discus appeared first on essaynook.com.

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