Please have a look instruction in uploaded file “Assignment Instructions” and al

Please have a look instruction in uploaded file “Assignment Instructions” and also Floor plan on the 2d file for this assignment. Because I can’t put here tables.
This is a team project. You are contracted to design the offices of the Department of Interior Design at XYZ University. You should provide three design alternatives. In each design alternative, you need to use one or multiple types of plan arrangements that were discussed in the lecture part (Appendix A). The list of spatial requirements is provided in Table 1.
Different types of plan arrangements are:
1. Open
2. Linear
3. Axial
4. Centralized
5. Grid
6. Clustered
The four types of spatial relationships and the two types of circulation layout are provided in Appendix B and Appendix C (respectively) for your reference.
In this charrette, focus on the process and try to utilize the design techniques that are discussed in the lecture. While it can be challenging, it has huge benefits. You will use what you learn in this charrette in your schematic design phase.
Submit your design alternatives. Specify what type of spatial organization is used in each alternative. The craftsmanship of your submission tells a lot about you as a designer. So, make sure that your submission possesses good quality.





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