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Please answer these 2 questions. You have to meet the word count for each questi

Please answer these 2 questions. You have to meet the word count for each question. Please keep in mind that all assignments done by Chat GBT or any other AI software will automatically be graded as 0 points.
Question 1 (300 words min):
Rethinking User Consent: A Case Study
Case Study: Imagine you are a user privacy advocate reviewing the data collection practices of a popular social media platform, “LikeBook.” LikeBook collects a vast amount of user data and presents a lengthy consent agreement.
Read the sample “LikeBook User Consent Agreement” provided (you can create a fictional one with various data collection points).
Analyze the consent agreement from a user privacy perspective.
Identify areas where the agreement could be improved to enhance user transparency and control over their data.
Essay Response (300-400 words):
Briefly summarize the data collection practices of LikeBook as outlined in the consent agreement.
Explain why the current consent agreement falls short from a user privacy perspective. Identify specific areas where it lacks clarity, transparency, or user agency.
Propose specific improvements to the consent agreement. How could LikeBook create a more user-friendly and transparent consent experience?
Discuss the broader implications of user consent in the age of big data. What principles should guide companies when collecting and utilizing user data?
Question 2 (250 words min):
Innovation drives progress, but ethical considerations must be carefully balanced to ensure responsible advancement.
Drawing on the concepts covered in this module’s lectures and exercises, choose one of the following areas and discuss:
Ethical Codes in Tech Development: Many tech companies have established ethical codes. Are these codes sufficient? How could we improve the implementation of ethical frameworks in the development process?
Data Ownership and User Consent: We constantly encounter user consent agreements when interacting with online applications. How can we ensure users truly understand what they’re consenting to? What are some strategies for promoting more user-friendly and transparent consent practices?
The AI Ethics Dilemma:
Artificial intelligence holds immense potential but also carries ethical risks. Choose a specific AI application (e.g., facial recognition, or autonomous vehicles) and discuss the potential ethical pitfalls. What safeguards could be implemented to mitigate these risks?
In your response, consider the following:
Real-world examples: Support your arguments with relevant news articles, case studies, or research findings.
Diverse perspectives: Consider how different stakeholders (e.g., developers, users, policymakers) might approach the ethical considerations surrounding innovation.
Solutions-oriented approach: Don’t just identify problems – propose concrete solutions and strategies to promote ethical innovation.
Let’s engage in a lively discussion! Share your insights and challenge each other’s perspectives as we navigate the complexities of innovation and ethics.
In your post, be original and yourself. Give your post a strong title that captures the biggest concept. 

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