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PDSA Practice Improvement Plan PDSA Practice Improvement Plan The assignment will be divided into four phases. The PDSA project will give the student the experience to initiate and coordinate planned changes in a healthcare organization. This assignment aims to engage t

PDSA Practice Improvement Plan PDSA Practice Improvement Plan The assignment will be divided into four phases.

The PDSA project will give the student the experience to initiate and coordinate planned changes in a healthcare organization. This assignment aims to engage the student in analyzing an evidence-based practice scenario within their clinical experiences.

Students will use the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (2020) Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Directions and Examples as a guideline for this assignment (Web link Available in Modules)

Part I: Plan

  1. Problem Identification
    • Problem Identification: Identify a clinical problem you observed at the clinical site. Review policies, procedures, and guidelines of care to assess if there is a standard or policy to improve practice. Talking with patients about their perceptions of the care. Is there a problem, a patient, or a population negatively affected by the present standard of practice?
  2. Review of Literature
    • Review of literature: What level of knowledge is out there to address the problem? Are there any evidence-based guidelines already published? Most of the literature reviewed should utilize systematic reviews, meta-analyses, or clinical guidelines. Individual studies review expert opinion articles, and clinical articles can be used as supportive literature for clinical issues with limited research.
    • Need to reference a minimum of five research articles on the identified problem.
  3. I plan to: You will write a concise statement of what you plan to do in your PDSA project
  4. I hope this produces: Here you will put a measurement or outcome that you hope to achieve with your project
  5. PICO(T) Question
    • Please see template posted in Canvas titled, “PICOT Question Template.pdf”
    • Use template to develop your PICOT question
    • Must state which template you used (i.e., intervention, therapy, prognosis/prediction, diagnosis, etiology, meaning)

The Process

  1. Steps to Execute: Write the steps you’re going to take in the PDSA cycle, the population you are working with, and the time limit
    • The population could be a patient, a problem, a population, a unit, a division, or an organization problem.
    • The time limit that you will do this project—remember, it does not have to be long enough to get your results.

Part II: Do

  1. After you have your plan, you will execute it or set it in motion.
    • During this implementation, you will be keen to watch what happens once you do this.
  2. What did you observe? Here you will write down observations you have during your implementation. This may include how the patients react, how the nurses react, and how it fits in with your organizational system. You will ask, “Did everything go as planned?” “Did I have to modify the plan?”

Part III: Study

  1. After implementation, you will study the results.
  2. What did you learn? Did you meet your measurement goals? Here you will record how well it worked, if you met your goal.

Part IV: Act

  1. What did you conclude from this cycle? You will write what you came away with for this implementation and whether it worked. Moreover, if it did not work, what can you do differently in your next cycle to address that? Are you ready to spread it across your entire practice if it did work?


  1. In this section, you will list the materials that you handed out in your presentation at the clinical site
    • Handouts
    • Copies of PowerPoint presentation to leadership at clinical practicum site

PowerPoint Presentation of PDSA Project

  • Students will use the PDSA Project – PowerPoint Presentation Template posted in Canvas to present their PDSA project to the preceptor and other team members at the clinical practicum site and for grading in Canvas under Assignments

The presentation should follow all the criteria posted in the PDSA Project – PowerPoint Presentation Template: (Please also review Grading Rubric below before starting assignment)

a) Download PDSA Project – PowerPoint Presentation Template that is posted in Canvas

b) Design a handout to give out on the day of your presentation to your preceptor, unit leadership, and other team members at your practicum site.

  • The handout should contain a brief summary of the PDSA project including:
    • Title of Project
    • Problem Identified
    • Plan: State PICOT question
    • Do: What did you observe? (Use data to answer this question)
    • Study: What did you learn? Did you meet your measurement goals?
    • Act: What did you conclude from this cycle?
    • Add photos, graphics, tables, etc to your handout to enhance presentation of information
  • A copy of the handout should be included in your PowerPoint presentation.

c) A minimum of 3 discussion questions prepared by student to pose to their audience to generate discuss presentation about the project and      potential for implementation.(List your discussion questions as an “Appendix” in your PowerPoint presentation)

d) Presentation delivery: professional demeanor, professional dress, and generated discussion. (Take a picture of yourself and the staff on the day of the presentation and copy and paste it to your title PowerPoint slide)

e) After you present your PDSA PowerPoint presentation at your clinical site. (Please add audio to your presentation before your submit your PowerPoint (PP) presentation in Canvas for grading, so I can hear it as if I attended your live presentation at your clinical site)

Please upload/submit the PowerPoint presentation in Canvas using the above guidelines before the due date and time.


  • When submitting your assignment in Canvas, please note that your work will be reviewed by TurnItIn for similarities to other published work.  Any work that scores 20% or higher in TurnItIn will receive a grade of 0 points. If your score is 20% or higher, please review to see where your total similarity percentage is coming from.  Then, revise your work and resubmit until your score is less than 20%
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