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Part 1 Your assignment in this module is to complete a project focusing on the k

Part 1
Your assignment in this module is to complete a project focusing on the knowledge you have learned in these last three modules.  This project will be submitted in Voice Thread. You can use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Canva, etc to create your presentation, and then you will upload it and annotate it within the VoiceThread platform. 
To complete this project, you are to choose 1 of the following topics from the options below for your presentation.   
Modules 5, 6, and 7 focused on the changes that accompanied the emergence of Europe from the Middle Ages.  This was the period when Europe’s worldview completed its shift and evolved.  There can be no doubt that the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and World Exploration were the contributing factors to this shift.   
Project Options
Option 1: The Renaissance as the Spark for Change in Western Civilization 
The Renaissance was a time of great creativity coming on the heels of the Dark Ages.  
After a period of about 1,000 years known as the Dark Ages, the Renaissance was known as a time of renewal on many differing levels.  
The term ‘Renaissance’ literally means rebirth or revival. As you learned it was a complex transitional movement that took place in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. It stressed rational thinking and humanism. During the Renaissance, many developments took place in literature, art, architecture, science, and technology. It marked the beginning of the modern era in Europe. 
Create a slide presentation that chronicles the achievements of both the Italian and Northern Renaissance.  Analyze how the Renaissance was the beginning of a change in Europe.  What did the Italian or Northern Renaissance contribute to the changing mindset? Where was the greatest influence felt, arts, sciences, philosophy?  Choose one Renaissance figure that you think made the greatest contribution to the advancement of Western Civilization and explain why.  Be specific with your analysis using concrete examples from the text, lectures, and at least one scholarly source 

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Your assignment in this module is to complete a project focusing on the k appeared first on essaynook.com.

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