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Part 1 Fisher-Borne, M., Cain, J.M., & Martin, S.L. (2015). From mastery to acco

Part 1
Fisher-Borne, M., Cain, J.M., & Martin, S.L. (2015). From mastery to accountability: Cultural humility as an alternative to cultural competence. Social Work Education, 34(2), 165-181.
and watch the following video: 
Video: “Cultural Humility: People, Principles & Practices”  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL879555ABCCED8B50
What are the key components of a cultural humility approach?
What are some differences between a cultural competency and cultural humility approach?
How would you engage fathers using a cultural humility lens?
Part 2
Review the resources listed here:
Pick one of the resources listed on this page (and below) and discuss the relevance for working with populations of dads from different ethnic or racial groups.
Healthy parenting can have different definitions depending on the cultural background. Despite these cultural differences, the CDC found that most parents from different cultures have similar ideas and definitions of what is good and bad parenting behavior. Your fatherhood program can use these findings to inform programming for a variety of fatherhood practices and enhance engagement.
Fatherhood programs can serve culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Learning to address the needs of specific populations can strengthen the accessibility of a fatherhood program and increase engagement rates.
Cultural and personal, lived experiences have a huge impact on the value systems people follow. Parenting practices are largely influenced by values and it may be a challenge to connect to parenting styles and challenges that are different. Your fatherhood program should take the time to research general or universal values of different communities to better understand the participants they may be working with.
Part 3
Watch the following Video Story about Coley:   https://youtu.be/mxKgdw6zo5U
How does Coley view his role as a father?
How does the story align with research says about father involvement in child development?
What in the story stood out for you?

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